Are you living in worries, without passion, without routine and calling it a life? It needs a bit of effort to form life far better and exciting.

Today, students are going through transitional phases; from regular classes to placement classes and drives. It makes them feel everything going messy, and their routine being messed up; they sleep at any time, wake up at any time, sometimes study, sometimes not.

Here I’ve listed a few habits which may help students in improving their routine:

Wake Up

Waking up before the sunrise is the most difficult task for the students, but this is known as “golden hours” and the most vital part of the day. This is the time where we have got the utmost potential, concentration and we can do whatever we would like very effectively at that moment. In the early morning, there’s no distraction, thus concentration power increases.

Effective Habits For The Scholars

In addition to it, there will not be any backend thought process of activities happening in your mind. A sacred connection between mind and soul will occur. Initially, it is difficult to get up in the morning, it requires high will power, and you have to sacrifice your sleep for experiencing those golden hours. But nobody ever become a legend without sacrifices. The results are going to be fruitful.

Attending Lectures Actively

Attending lectures only for the sake of attendance is what most of the students do. A common conception among students is “Get the attendance, sleep in the class, let them teach, we will study later at home”. But the statement doesn’t hold good now.

Effective Habits For The Scholars

Now, it’s not that easy to find out everything from books (mostly if you’re pursuing a technical degree). Thus, it’s better to focus during the class rather than just sleeping. It also saves time for you to study other stuff at your home. Try to sit on the first bench; don’t bother about your friends what they’re going to think. There is nothing wrong with sitting on the first bench. It literally makes you more active and focused.

Physical Fitness

“Health is wealth” – the old small quote. When we get sick and taking medicines, only then we come to understand the deepness of this quote i.e. the importance of being physically fit.

run every morning

Do running every day. Running is the easiest and effective way to burn calories; it enhances stamina and builds muscular strength. Every youth must be able to cover a distance of 1.6 Km in 6.5 minutes. Train yourself accordingly.

Academics And 1-Hour Rule

Plan your study slot as per your convenience, study well.

Effective Habits For The Scholars

1-hour rule: Give 1 hour to yourself, for the things you like. Things you love.
e.g. writing articles, poetries, reading books & newspapers, learning a language, writing a diary, learning word-meaning.