What’s your usual morning schedule consists of? Does it have any place for breakfast? Or, you simply walk out of it.

The reason why breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal is in its name itself. It is simply meant to break our overnight fast and kick-start the day. When you take breakfast, you’re letting your body know that the requirement of calories for the day has begun and will make itself ready for further intakes. But when you put aside the breakfast, the body sends a message that it needs to store calories rather than burning any further.


The most hard-hitting benefit of breakfast is that it jumpstarts the process of metabolism and, thus, helps you burn more calories throughout the day. Studies have found that although people who skip breakfast eat slightly fewer calories during the day, they tend to have higher body mass index or BMI,” says Christy C. Tangney, a clinical dietitian.

One piece of wisdom which remains always constant is that having a meal after waking up might be the best food decision of whole your day. So, I’m listing out three key reasons why you should start having your breakfast.


  1. You Tend To Feel More Energized

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Eating a breakfast rich in fibre and whole-grains can enhance your energy levels all over the day. Whole grains like oats work to balance your blood sugar levels so that you avoid a late morning drain and rush for something sweet. A bowl of oatmeal could be instrumental for you to focus and concentrate even better during class hours.


  1. It helps In Maintaining A Healthy Weight


In order to keep a healthy weight, you might not need to eat less, but stress on eating more of the right types of foods. Taking a proper meal fuels your digestive system and can help you to both lose weight and maintain your current weight. The journal of Nutrition Research and Practice stated that eating breakfast regularly enhances diet quality.  On the other side, skipping breakfast can lead to inadequate nutrient intake and imbalanced macronutrient composition.


  1. Protein In The Morning Curb Unhealthy Desires

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A breakfast high in protein such as an omelette or Greek yoghurt is more likely to keep you heavy for a longer duration, and thus preventing you from overeating or making bad food choices later on in the day. If you take a protein-rich meal in the morning, then there is reduced activity in the portion of the brain demanding food for several hours. Fibre can also help reduce cholesterol.

So, after all this brainstorming about the importance of breakfast and it’s huge significance, one thing that stands out is that It starts your day on a good note bringing positivity, fills you up with new energy and providing much need protein and minerals early in the day. Therefore, don’t skip your breakfast as it may prepare you for something bigger.

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