As of September 2020, there are around 4,000 Colleges and Universities across the Indian subcontinent that offer bachelor’s degree (B.Tech) but only 7 of them offer a bachelor’s degree with honours, one of them being Lovely Professional University.

The difference between a B.Tech and B.Tech (Hons.) is that a student has to complete courses worth 20 credits in addition to the existing courses in their academic programme. LPU allows you to complete these courses over the span of 8 semesters making sure the student has access to state-of-the-art course content, instructors and BYOD labs.

In addition to higher academic quality, Honours students enjoy several advantages in non-academic areas too. As an honours student, you will be given more preference in selection of Residential facility from the second year onwards.

  • More preference in selection of Open Minors/ Elective courses.
  • More preference in Students exchange/ Foreign Scholarships/ visits to foreign universities whenever offered by LPU.
  • More opportunities for technical training are given to Hons. students such as special counselling and assistance, greater industrial exposure and many in-house research projects.

In the department of Computer Science and Engineering, although major electives and department elective/ specialization baskets are the same for both regular and Honours students, some electives have limited seats available, in such cases Hons. students will be allotted a special quota or more preference may be given in choosing their electives.

As a Hons. student, you can have a higher number of books issued for a longer period of time from our vast library (5 books issued for a period of 15 days) as compared to students of other programmes (3 books for 1 week).

With all these points in mind, it is important to make a calculated decision because choosing the right degree to pursue since it can make or break your whole career.

So, if you are genuinely interested in computer sciences and are enthusiastic about constantly learning new things, the B.Tech (Hons.) in Computer Science and Engineering is a perfect match for you.

To satisfy the eligibility criteria one must have passed with more than 60% aggregate marks in 10+2 (with Physics, Mathematics and English) or equivalent, subject to qualifying LPUNEST. LPUNEST will be exempted in case student has scored more than or equal to 90 percentile in JEE Mains or 90% aggregate marks in 10+2.

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