I hope you all have read my previous article about the LPU 2nd year B.Tech CSE Student Rahul Kumar’s learning app for the engineering students. Now he is back with a new app for coronavirus named ‘Suraksha Kawach’. This app will help you a lot in this pandemic and will protect you from the coronavirus by giving lots of information and updates to you about Corona. The app provides total information about the hospitals and many important services near you, regular symptoms of COVID-19, regular news and updates about corona, along with the precautions you should take during this situation.

This app can help people to fight against this COVID-19. There are many individuals who do not know where to go for checkups, what precautions they should take during this situation, and how they can protect their family members from Corona. So if you are facing such problems then you don’t need to be worry because here is the solution to your problems.

It doesn’t matter where you are in this country. You just have to open the app and select “May I help you” then a new interface will open where you have to select the state where you are currently present and then you have to select your city. After that, you will get full information about the hospitals near your locality, emergency phone services and more information about other services. In this app, you can also see regular updates of COVID-19 cases in the world.

In this app, you can check the latest news of corona all over the world, the symptoms of Corona, the precautions you must take to protect yourself from corona and also you can know the condition of COVID-19 in your area by clicking the option “May I help you”. You can easily check how many cases are there in your city, how many people are recovering from COVID-19 and how many are severely affected.

This app is totally user friendly and very easy to use. So, I request you all to download this app from Play Store and also give your reviews for it.