You might have gone through this heading numerous times in your life and must have wondered why everyone is keen to write and impart knowledge about how beneficial reading can be. Well, this isn’t going to be like an ‘essay’ that you would have been asked to write in school; this article will solely focus on my personal experience (being a dedicated reader myself!) and the changes that I inculcated in myself due to reading (no exaggeration!).

I have been a passionate reader since a very young age; reading from the school library, borrowing novels from friends, reading online to buying novels myself, reading has been an integral part of my life. It includes reading not only novels but also newspapers, journals, research papers, books which deepens your knowledge and provides you a bigger insight into your surroundings. There’s a reason why books are known to be our best friends and if you aren’t a regular reader, I hope by the end of this article, you’ll get some motivation to include this in your daily habits!

Let’s talk about some of the crucial benefits the habit of reading can give you:

Builds your vocabulary and imparts knowledge

There is no doubt that reading regularly helps you to explore new words and form errorless sentences with great ease. This improves both your communication skills and writing skills as you get acquainted with the proper use of grammar for framing sentences. You learn a great deal from books (which you have been reading since childhood for your studies), exposing you to the outer world and providing sufficient knowledge about your concerned domain.

Reading is a great stress buster!

Non-readers might consider reading as tedious but trust me! Reading is as effortless and peaceful as listening to your favorite songs or watching your favorite movies! It reduces boredom, lightens mood and is just a matter of time until you start developing interest in it and once you do, whoa! You’ll fall in love with it! If still, you don’t get motivation, try listening to audiobooks instead of songs (there are free audio books available too!).

Books are certainly your ‘friend in need’

“A friend in need is a friend indeed!” Whether fiction or non-fiction, books help a lot in reducing stress and depression and evolve to become your best buddy! I prefer reading fiction as a variety of genres can be found making it both intriguing and fascinating (“just one more chapter” is real!), but several non-fiction novels have become great self-help books (can be life-changing too!) aiding you to overcome any tough situation in your life with factual examples!

A good reader becomes a good writer!

The official motto of authors, as said by Ajay K. Pandey as well in a live session by LPU held a few months back. According to him, the habit of reading has transformed him into a bestselling author offering back-to-back bestseller novels. Reading makes you travel to a whole new world of imagination (the virtual world is far better than the real world!), enhancing your power of perception from a better point of view, and who knows, one day you can become a writer as well!

In this online world of social media where checking WhatsApp messages, watching YouTube videos, and scrolling Instagram feed is what everyone’s favorite pass time is, it’s hard to find someone who stays away from these to spend some quality time with my best friends (books of course!). If you are one of them, can we be best friends?