What is the first thing that strikes your mind when you hear the word newspaper? For some, it is an old worn-out idealistic approach that doesn’t fit right in the present world, and for some, it is still a rich source of knowledge. But, between the debates of these two definitions, which one is right?

Well, in the era of digital media, where you can get the source of information by just toggling some buttons, the concept of newspapers doesn’t fit, right? In spite of this, the circulation of newspapers hasn’t reduced yet. And what can be the possible reason for that? The rich source of information is the main reason that even after 500 years since its inception, it is still much popular. You may get the first-hand report about any event from the digital media, but the exact, accurate and detailed information one can get from a newspaper only. And how is that possible?

A digital publication can print only about the event with firsthand information, but in a newspaper, you will get not only the firsthand information, but also the detailed reports, opinions, columns, and other correlating articles. Now, the question is what its utility is? For those who are preparing for competitive examinations, it is a blessing. What about those who aren’t?

A newspaper isn’t just a source of rich information or an intellectual tool through which you can share your opinion about an incident; it’s much more than that. Reading a newspaper tells you, or more specifically speaking makes you understand how to frame articles and how to write about important things rationally and practically.

We, as students, have to write several assignments, and we all know that the frequency of those increased during this lockdown period drastically. Now just imagine, if you have penned down those assignments taking virtues and learning from the newspapers, what the outcome would have been. Not only that, in the final year of our degree courses we have to submit various projects, with each containing a considerable amount of paperwork and detailing. Now, using all those things which you learned there and then publishing it, that’d be bulls-eye for you. But some may question that, these things are related and restricted to studies only. How it can help a guy who is thinking to pursue a job soon after his/her degree course.

Well, here is the answer. Every company or any organization likes to recruit those potential candidates who have quite a considerable amount of writing skills. So if you are into reading the newspapers, who know someday this small initiative might land you a good package and a perfect job.

To form a habit of reading a newspaper, there is no such hard and fast rule. Just choose a newspaper of your liking which you are comfortable to read and grasp and then continue it without any impediment. And then, you will find that your day is incomplete without reading a newspaper.