Many of you have resolved in 2020 to begin book reading. As usual, only a few determined continued and rest gave up with excuses. But this quarantine has given us the same opportunity again, to re-establish our goals and accomplish each. So, if you are willing to change your habits and perspective and want to become the better version of yourself after this break, below mentioned books can help you.

The Art of Happiness

Generally, we chase wealth and vogue in our life, but many examples have both and yet living with depression and anxiety because, in the end, everyone is in the pursuit of happiness. This book is written by his holiness the Dalai Lama. This book will teach you ways to define happiness for yourself. This will uplift and invigorate you to practise the art of self-reflection which led to the realization of the purpose of one’s life.

The Four Agreements

Quarantine Reading

Don Miguel is popular for writing extraordinary self-help content from the ’90s. As the name says, this book describes the four agreements, four choices that can redefine your behaviour, relationships, communication with others and influence. If you are determined enough to recall these agreements and affirmations every morning, no one can stop your impeccable growth. It is widely prescribed by political leaders and business magnates.

The Gift of Imperfections

Quarantine Reading

The only difference between you and the way more intelligent, capable and opportunist guy of your class is ‘perspective’. Sometimes we all feel that we are incapable, not worthy enough, cowardly and not the best. We all kept those dreams and goals within us because we fear getting mocked by others. This book will change your perspective towards yourself, weaknesses and define methods of creating a brilliant future with these perfect imperfections.

The Greatest Salesman in The World

Quarantine Reading

An epic creation from 1968, written by ‘Og Mandino’, this book is considered as the Veda of Entrepreneurship. This was the first-ever book of its kind, teaching self-motivation, discipline and ways to think like the top 1% of the world. It will not teach you salesman skills but teach you how to craft yourself to become successful in any field or business. This book can motivate you to stand out and dive into the fearful yet amazing journey of entrepreneurship and live your imagined life.