Sometimes there is so much to say but you still remain unspoken. Once in a while, you stand unheard and face implicit criticism. Every so often you wipe off some irresistible thoughts and keep lingering around idleness. Each and every beautiful achievement of life passes by as a mere second without anecdotes. And that’s when you manifest a great way of human expression. Writing. It’s that incomparable expression which could even distinguish your personality in our own university. Want to know how? Simple, write a guest article to Happenings@LPU.

First, breach out the self-doubt

Happenings@LPU encourages passion, supports curiosity and entails in your success. Don’t come to a soon conclusion that you can’t write or you are not good enough before attempting. Get the grammar right, you can be a tremendous writer too. Breach out that self-doubt today and send us your original content. When we publish your article on LPU’s official blog no one can be as proud as yourself.

Who can write for Happenings@LPU?

Well, anybody can write. Be it alumni, faculty, students or even staff members, pure passion is all it matters.

What can you write about?

Primarily, it’s a student’s blog. Entirely non-political and captivating. Anything in proximity to education, student life, motivation, and a healthy lifestyle is appreciated. For instance, 5 ways to earn while studying. Apart from that, if you are an active participant in various events you can also come up with your own photographs along with a brief report. Incorporate at least 400 words and a maximum of 600 words in the article.

Most welcome if you can write magical

Write something real, blossom and thoughtful. Craft your words in such a way that it creates magic in the minds of the readers. Generate interest and connect with everybody with a phenomenal language flow. End with the right pensive knowledge and do not forget fact check.

Complete credits for your work

You own your work, so you own the credits too. The article will be published with your name, ensuring all the parsing that you deserve.

An outstanding opportunity to join the Happenings team

Impressive work can enhance the opportunity to join the team directly. Amazingly you can get paid for your work while studying.

Adds strength to your resume

Published work is a treasure to a student. It sits well in the resume and increases the chances of getting employed. Moreover, it remarkably improves the way you write. I can’t wait to read some pleasant pieces of writing.