COVID-19, a name that is given by WHO, is an acronym for Coronavirus Disease-2019. Well, if there is something that every person in the world is worried that shall be coronavirus pandemic. So let us just discuss some basic home remedies that everyone can follow to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.


Make sure your health condition is good enough. In case of any sickness symptoms like fatigue, cough, fever, throat issues and et cetera, don’t just rush to the hospital. Instead self isolate yourself in a separate room at your home. If the symptoms continue to show after a week so then consult a doctor.


FOODA proper intake of healthy food is really important in these crucial times. Make sure you wash the fruits and vegetables properly before you consume it. It’s better to take warm fluids and hot food rather than cool eatables because viruses are more likely to live and reproduce in cold conditions.


Drink plenty of water. Water helps you from dehydration and it helps to throat keep moist for a longer time. By drinking water at regular intervals, it flushes out all the viruses that are present in the track of throat into the stomach. So once the viruses reach the stomach, they are killed by enzymes and acids that are secreted by the body. So it is vital to drink water on a regular basis.

Temporary Relief

TEMPORARY RELIEFDo not assume that every flu that you catch is due to coronavirus. So do not panic and do try some temporary relief techniques that can cure your infections. In case of nose blockage, try to take steam as often as needed. Try gargling with hot water for throat pain. Expose your self to sunlight to feel the warmth. All these are temporary relief techniques for normal flu. So do consult a doctor if your symptoms show up even after taking medicines.


It is mandatory to have a good sleep for at least 8 hrs a day. A satisfied nap gives you relaxation and helps you to activate your body cells for the whole day.


SANITIZATIONPro-tip for sanitization is washing your hands regularly. Do not put your hands on your face. Follow the home sanitization technique for sanitizing the things that are brought home. The home sanitization technique says that, divide the space into two and place the items that are brought on the left side(un-sanitized side). Take every item and wash it in a tub of water and then spray alcoholic sanitizer on it so that it kills the viruses. Put those washed items on to the right side(sanitized side) and let them dry for a certain period.


Although you cannot move out due to lockdown, make sure you engage yourself in some or the other work rather than sitting idle and become lazy. Keep updating yourself about COVID-19 effect, and gather information about the government actions towards this issue. Make sure you follow all instructions properly so that you won’t get into trouble.


EXERCISEExercising helps your body improve your metabolism. Although the gyms aren’t available due to lockdown, make sure you exercise at your home for at least half an hour. It increases the blood flow in your body which in turn helps to increase the metabolic rate to fight diseases.

Take your courage in both hands and fight the fear. Stay home, stay healthy and take care of yourself.