Ayurveda defines that foods must be had in healthy combos. There is a lot of text regarding the combinations which are hazardous in the Āyurveda. Let’s look at some prohibited combos:

1. Fruit and Starch-rich Foods

6 Dangerous Food Combinations

Foods are easily digested into the intestinal tracts. But when fruits are eaten just after having a starch-rich stuff, the digestion gets affected really bad. The mixes start to get fermented.

2. Sugar and Protein-rich Foods

6 Dangerous Food Combinations

If you’re a regular at the gym, this is significant for you. Eating sugar and proteins will affect your nutrition in a disastrous way. The sugar interacts with the protein enzymes and lowers the value of its content to perfect ZERO. You’ve earned no protein if you eat sugar just after taking up those synthetic or natural proteins. Beware!

3. Dairy Foods and Antibiotics

6 Dangerous Food Combinations

The antibiotics react with the minerals present in the milk vigorously which leads accumulation. Also, the agents present in the antibiotic get destroyed and your body can no longer fight the disease and infection you have.

4. Mint and Cold Drinks

6 Dangerous Food Combinations

This combination is very dangerous and toxic. Never ever do this. When combined they form a near poison relative to cyanide, hence very fatal.

5. Milk and Lemon

6 Dangerous Food Combinations

Milk when added with lemon, coagulates. When one takes them together this leads to secretion of harmful toxic acids. It leads to severe burns inside the tummy. In extreme cases, it leads to heartburns.

6. Melons and Milk

6 Dangerous Food Combinations

When melons and milk are taken, together. This combination leads up to a bad colon condition. The milk reacts with the melon inside the stomach, starts curdling and gets coagulated into the intestines and stomach, eventually hardens up into solids. So beware!

Start listening to your tummy and not your tongue. Watch out what you eat!

“Keep your tummy khush