Independence is great but it can be lonely sometimes.

It feels great to be able to be on your own and do things without your parents’ interference but in college, you are completely dependent on yourself to get things done. If you get sick and need to go to the hospital, then you will most likely go to the doctors alone and will have to take care of yourself to make sure you are resting and getting better.

You’re going to meet some really awesome people in college.

Even if it takes weeks, or maybe a couple of months, you WILL find someone that you’ll click with instantly. And these people are going to be the part of your life for the longest time! Not only friends, you’ll also meet some great teachers, influencers and supportive seniors.

Living in the hostel may not be ideal but the people you’ll meet makes it totally worth it.

Yes, your air conditioner might sound like it’s going to turn into a robot and kill you at night, maybe your walls even drip water, but they’re still worth it. The friendships that you establish in your hostel compensate for all of the trips up tens of flights of stairs whenever the elevator is not working.

B’s really aren’t the end of the world…

Our school teachers were right about that one. Don’t be disappointed if you get low grades in a subject or two. You might be having more knowledge than the person cramming the entire syllabus and getting straight A+’s. Your grades don’t justify your intelligence.

The value of your home and your loved ones.

You don’t truly understand the value of something until and unless you get separated from it. I have always been a homey but being far away from home did not only make me realize the comfort of home but also emphasized each and every effort of my parents to give me the comfort and peace that I felt at home.

What life lessons did you learn at the University?