The Pomodoro Technique: Divide and Conquer Your Tasks

The Pomodoro Technique: Divide and Conquer Your Tasks

The Pomodoro Technique: Divide and Conquer Your Tasks

Having a continuous attention span while complementing tasks is something we often fall short of in our life. We might have a deadline to finish an assignment or an obligation to submit a job in a short period, but still, our mind wanders off to places and thoughts that are active in our subconscious mind. By the time we realize that we are off the tracks, maybe a couple of quarters of an hour are lost, thus squeezing our already limited time frame.

Among the numerous study techniques devised till now, the Pomodoro technique is one of the youngest yet widely tried and tested methods with desirable results. In this article, we will discuss this Pomodoro technique and how it can help keep our attention tied to the table while working or studying:

Have a clear idea of the task and break it into parts

The Pomodoro Technique: Divide and Conquer Your Tasks

Firstly, we need to have an understanding of what we will do. It shouldn’t be like going with the flow and trying to solve what catches our attention. We need to have a clear objective and a probable path to achieve the goal.

Set a stopwatch for 25 minutes and start executing your task

You can either use a stopwatch or play Pomodoro videos on YouTube to set the timer. I prefer the videos on YouTube as they take care of the time and come with pleasant music that helps me concentrate.

If you eventually come across a distraction in your mind, note it down and don’t give it a second thought

It’s okay if thoughts cross our minds. Our subconscious mind is constantly at work, delivering thoughts that run at the back of our heads. Whenever you notice that you are diverting off the topic, immediately note it down and keep it for future attention if it is something important. Using this method, you will not lose track of other essential work and will be back at your current task with increased concentration.

After the stopwatch hits zero, take a short break

The Pomodoro Technique: Divide and Conquer Your Tasks

The objective of the Pomodoro technique is to make a person sit with concentration for 25 minutes. After you have completed the span of 25 minutes, take a short break of 5 to 10 minutes. You can have a drink, talk to someone near you or have your back straightened up. After the break, it’s time to start another span.

Again, set the stopwatch for 25 minutes and continue executing your tasks

It’s time for a new lap. Grab your thoughts together, pack them at the bottom of your brain, and start afresh. The upcoming 25 minutes will consist of another push toward achieving your final goal. A break follows next, and the cycle goes on.

Take a long break of 20-30 minutes after four such cycles

The Pomodoro Technique: Divide and Conquer Your Tasks

After you have completed four cycles, that is 100 minutes of executing the tasks with concentration, now is the time to have a substantial break. I usually prefer a halt of 30 minutes where I take a short walk of 5 to 10 minutes to relax my back, play my music library, and have a few minutes for myself. You can also prefer doing some exercise for the eyes if you are on your computer. In that case, a splash of fresh cold water on your face works wonders. After the break, get ready for another set of four cycles.