“LPU has made my childhood dreams come true by guiding me so well towards this global platform..”- Deepika

Deepika Bhatia, a Ph.D research scholar of LPU School of Bio-technology and Bio-Sciences, has been invited by IC-Impacts-2016 at University of Alberta (Edmonton) Canada. She is to present her Green Technology research on water purification. She has been selected for her intensive focus on the application of Nanotechnology in purifying water. Deepika is slated to present her research proposal from 28th May to 8th June in Canada. She has also been appointed for DBT-Junior Research Fellowship, which is funded by the Department of Bio-Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.

LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal congratulated the promising student in a wired message, and encouraged her to work towards the benefit of society at large. CEO & Scientific Director of IC-IMPACTS Dr Nemy Banthia said, “The IC (Indo-Canadian)-Impact Summer Institute is an annual program that prepares Canadian and Indian graduates with skills in research, innovation, commercialization and leadership. This helps in building healthy communities in Canada and India. It also helps in creating long term, meaningful connections between students, researchers, and industry around the world.”

Only 50 students have been selected throughout the world to attend this program. Talking about her project, Deepika said, “I have centered my research around the textile dyeing industry at Ludhiana in Punjab, focusing on a local drain, ‘Buddha Nullah’, which flows throughout this city. This most polluted ‘nullah’ carries industrial toxins to finally merge into river ‘Satluj’ which thus serves polluted water to a large population. Scientifically speaking, my proposal is based on very cheap sources like corn-cob in the form of columns and modified ‘nano-biochar’ particles for water purification. I collected waste water and isolated potent dye degrading bacteria. Finally for examination, the group of bacteria was developed in the form of bio-filters for purification, under green technology processes.”

Constantly motivated by her mentors at LPU, particularly Vice Chancellor Dr. Ramesh Kanwar, family-members and fellow-students, Deepika upholds that success can only be possible through hard-work, determination and dedication. A true bio-technologist since her tender years, Deepika shares, “LPU has made my childhood dreams come true by guiding me so well towards this global platform, which I really needed for doctoral research. On my part as a Ph.D scholar, I am working hard on eradication of water pollution which is direly needed not only in Punjab and in every other part of India but also around the world .”