Computer Science Engineering is a popular choice among engineering aspirants owing to the promising career options ahead. B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering teaches students about the basics of CSE like Operating Systems, Database Management, Object Oriented Programming, Networking, etc. With a diverse range of options, it can be baffling to decide which lane to pick for your career. Here’s a brief guide to career options after engineering in Computer Science.

Job Prospects After Engineering in Computer Science

With computers, smartphones and wifi becoming an integral part of our life, a degree in computer science can take you places. As you progress further in career, you can gain experience and expertise in one of the fields of computer science and climb further in your career. The IT industry in India is one of the largest IT industries in the world. If you are armed with the requisite skills, then there are thousands of jobs waiting for you in the arena. Following are some of the career profiles you can pick after completing your B.Tech in CSE.

  • Mobile App Development (Android/ IOS)
  • Web Designing/ Developing
  • UX Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Computer Programmer
  • IT Consultant
  • Software Engineer

Prospects of Further Studies After B.Tech in CSE

M.Tech and MBA are the two choices for pursuing further studies after B.Tech. Pursuing an MBA in IT can be advantageous. Not only does it give a boost to your salary, but also helps you climb up the corporate ladder and acquire leadership roles at the organizations. It is a common myth that pursuing M.Tech will narrow down your career to teaching. Getting a master’s degree in one of the fields of CSE makes you an expert in the same. In fact, there are many MNCs that require this level of expertise in their employees.

Benefits of Pursuing MBA in IT

  • Improved leadership and managerial skills.
  • Hike in salary
  • Makes you a better choice for promotion to team lead and other leadership roles.
  • MBA in IT provides you with skills necessary to pursue a career as an entrepreneur.

Benefits of Pursuing M.Tech in Computer Science

  • You can secure jobs that require more expertise and skills.
  • Opens door to career in teaching and research.
  • M.Tech in Computer Science Engineering can help you get better salary package than B.Tech graduates.

Salary of Computer Engineers

  • The average salary of graduates in computer science engineering can vary between INR 3-5 lacs per annum (as per payscale). Engineers with better skills, internship experience, and up-to-date knowledge are more likely to secure better salary packages.
  • The average salary of an M.Tech CSE is INR 7.8 lac per annum. Assistant Professors in India have a salary upto INR 4.3 lac per annum, while, working in an MNC can land you with a salary ranging between INR 3 – 8 lac per annum (as per payscale).
  • Computer science engineers also have a good scope of going abroad for work and better salary package.