In this ever-changing world of technology and gadgets, LinkedIn has risen to prove itself as the world’s largest online professional working network. It serves as a great medium through which you can promote your professional self, search for jobs, or even act as a recruiting reference for your own company. The age of the paper bound CVs is soon fading away and LinkedIn is now being extensively used in place of such CVs. Majority of the recruiters these days first look at the applicant’s LinkedIn profile and then decide whether the applicant is eligible for the job or not. So how can one create and maintain a LinkedIn profile which is sure to attract several of the big fishes out there?

  • Add a professional photograph

Always make sure to add a professional photograph to your LinkedIn profile. The first thing that people notice in your account is your profile picture. Make sure that it’s a professional photo and that you actually smile in the photo. Too big a smile can also act as a bane for your profile.

  • Fill in all the blanks

Make sure to fill in all the blanks that are present in your profile. A 100% complete profile is often viewed as better than other profiles. So, make sure that you have appropriate answers to each of the fields and that your answers are precise and concise.

  • Write an impactful headline

Your headline determines whether your profile is worth being viewed or not. A headline that catches the eye of the recruiters is something that can help you in your hunt for a job. Try to make your headline as concise and at the same time as all-encompassing as possible.

  • Build up a good network of contacts

A good network of contacts ensures that you won’t miss out on any big opportunities that may present themselves before you. Your contacts can also increase your network with various other contacts and can thus help you find your dream job. So, make sure to build up a professional network of contacts for your LinkedIn profile.

  • Recommendations

At first, you need at least 3 recommendations to complete your profile. Let the majority of recommendations be from your most recent work, but have some recommendations from your previous workplaces as well. Good recommendations from various points in your life show that you are consistent and that you are dedicated towards your work.