LPU NSS adopted more than 14 Villages & Slums in Maheru ,Chaheru , Madhopur, Raipur Prohala , Hardaspur , Salarpur , Narang Shahpur , Nangal Majja , HardoFarala , Semi , Khajurla , Saproor , Mehta , Chak Hakim etc. Medical camps & health check ups are being conducted in these villages in collaboration with different hospitals & Physiotherapy Department,LPU

SATHI is the abbreviated form of Skills, Agriculture, Technology, Health, and Ideation, and those are the primary aims of the organization for the villages. The project is focussed on harnessing the untapped potential of these villages in every department so as to uplift the status of the village, and hence the society as a whole.

The project aims to give employment skill training at these villages, such as security guard training, fire fighter training, and training on enhancing the shelf life of home produce. Also they aim to bring more of their products to the market, such as dairy products, handicrafts and agricultural produce. In the long run, the organization is seeking Government collaboration for the development of roads, sanitation and so on. SATHI has a vision for these villages, and doesn’t plan on stopping until it is achieved – till the villages have become ‘smart’.