As students, we all have had the nerve-racking experience of carrying those fat books in our backpack while traversing our way to school. They were mostly ‘Science’ or ‘Mathematics’ books, giving us all the chills as exams approached. Well, we were children back then and most of us, except the toppers and lovers of Science and Maths, could not notice how wonderful these subjects actually are! I mean, engineers solve practical problems using scientific and mathematical knowledge, how cool is that?

This makes us hop on to what is stealing the limelight today, ‘Engineering’. It’s Engineers’ Day, after all! Engineering is one of the fields that plenty of students fear the most. Only a few have the love and talent to pursue Engineering. I remember how a few years ago, Engineering became a target for memers and the internet was flooded with posts that downgraded it.

The celebration of Engineering day is a tribute to the Bharat Ratna awardee, Sh. Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, one of the greatest Indian engineers ever who was born on 15th September 1861.

EngineeringHe was India’s most well-known Civil Engineer, economist, dam builder, and statesman.

Here is a list of exciting facts that will make you reconsider how cool Engineering is, be it for Space or Earth!

  1. Fascinated by Snowboarding?

EngineeringYou will be thrilled to know that the inventor of the Snowboard was an engineer! With the knowledge of engineering applied to them, Snowboards are considered to be marvellous creations of Chemistry, Geometry, and Biomechanics. As a result, they have been steadily adopted by ski manufacturers.

  1. It isn’t Just Animation!

EngineeringI love ‘Jurassic Park’, and even ‘Forrest Gump’! Well, they aren’t just efforts of the animators. The enjoyable special effects in these movies are a combined effort of animators as well as Computer Engineers. They use the ‘morphing technology’ in order to produce images that seem realistic.

  1. Ever Heard of Interactive Television?

EngineeringIsn’t it comforting to sit on the couch and have more than 500 channels to choose from? That is called Interactive Television, thanks to engineers for making it possible. They put their skill in producing film emulsions, designing cables and engineering quality sound.

  1. I Bet You Enjoy the Water Slides!

EngineeringThe water slides have been designed by Civil Engineers. The pumping system that circulates an appropriate amount of water and sends it to the flume, and the ability of the slide to hold the weight of the water and people are important aspects of the water slides, both created by a Civil Engineer.

  1. Theme Parks are Amazing!

EngineeringTheme parks are not just the work of creative brains, they are beautifully designed, built and lit by Theme Park Engineers. Even the crowd flow in the parks are regulated by these talented engineers! Interesting, right?

All you Engineers and Future Engineers are just awesome! I am sure that there are a whole lot of engineering students and faculty at LPU that are going to create wonders in the future, and we can’t wait to discover them.

All the best and Happy Engineers’ Day!