Smartphones were initially created to make our lives easier and better. But considering the fact that almost all are addicted to their smartphones, it is proved that smartphones are controlling us rather than us controlling them. There is no doubt that smartphones are addictive. Just think, how much time you spend on your smartphones daily and with how many people you have had “actual conversation”?  Extremely less, right?

I bet you notice most of the people are on their smartphones even when they are out with their families, friends and even on dates. But why are we so addicted to them? The answer is its uncountable features. From remembering important dates to connecting us to the “virtual” world, the smartphone does all for us. But despite smartphones connecting us (even though virtually), we are all falling apart. It breaks us from the “actual” world.


Not only teenagers but even adults and children are also infected with this device. We notice children crying but as soon as they are given smartphones they stop crying, what is this, if not an addiction?

Earlier people were good at remembering things and recalling numbers but now, none of us can recall anyone’s phone number. This is because we can just save it! But this is also because the electromagnetic transmissions of smartphones that can pry into sensitive electrical devices, (that is why smartphones are banned from hospitals and aeroplanes) and our brain works in the same way. So it messes up our brain and memory power.


Smartphones lay an impact on both mental and physical health of an individual. We can’t, literally, can’t do anything without it. We are so much indulged in this tech world that we have forgotten to admire the wonderful world around us. Even when we go out for a walk, we have our earphones plugged in.

We are, technically, slaves of our own smartphones. These “SMART” phones are making us dumb. We are letting them take charge of our daily lives. Social media is one of the biggest reasons that we let smartphones rule our world! Everything used over a certain limit is harmful, so are smartphones!

They have officially become “The remote control of our lives”!