Lovely Professional University is frequently graced by famed and successful personalities who evoke and inspire the LPU Family in so many different ways. As the state of Punjab is known for its rich art and culture, it is always a pleasant experience to interact with Punjabi artists.

One such artist who rules the playlists of Sufi music lovers all across the world, Dr. Satinder Sartaaj visited LPU for ‘Conversations with Sartaaj: A Talk Show, which was organized in collaboration with Radio Mirchi and moderated by RJ Chetna. Being a scholar of the ‘Gurmukhi’ language, Punjabi tradition, culture and folk, Dr. Sartaaj has earned immense fame and admiration for his singing, poetry, and song-writing in many parts of the world.

The Uni Auditorium in the LPU Campus was jam-packed with his fans and admirers, majorly PhD scholars who wished to interact with Dr. Sartaaj to get enlightened about his academic and professional journey so far. The talk show escalated with vital and illuminating conversations about virtues like Love and Happiness between him and the audience. Being a poet, Dr. Sartaaj talked out of his own experiences throughout his life and gave aesthetic explanations about love, life, art, and happiness.

Answering one of the questions from the audience, he explained how ‘Love means complete surrender’ and expressed his thoughts about how artists discover art in the beauty of the world. Everyone cheered up even more when he recited his poetry and sang his beautiful songs in his melodious voice. Encouraging students pursuing art courses like Music and Theatre, he expressed that being an artist in itself is a blessing and any measure of success or fame should not affect this thought in an artist. He even shared stories of his struggles, teaching the students why they should be patient and persistent

The audience seemed to be completely drawn towards Dr. Sartaaj’s humble outlook towards the world. At the end of the event, he was felicitated by Er. H.R. Singla, Honourable Director General, LPU and expressed his newly formed bond with LPU. The audience greeted him with rounds of applauses and wished him best of luck for his upcoming Punjabi film, ‘Ikko Mikke’! It was indeed an event that gave a lot of savour and cherish.