5 important things to do before starting a career in Journalism

5 important things to do before starting a career in Journalism

starting a career in Journalism

Not all of us are on big selfless life missions to see the world progress. I could be wrong though. Precisely for some, vitality is an everyday challenge to make it happen. I am hinting at a particular teeny tiny proportion of people who love to run life like a touch-and-go adventure. It’s not entirely exquisite and blistering but heart-warming. Well, I’ll unleash the suspense for you. They’re the journalists – the unsung heroes of truth.

What do they do?

They fearlessly sail the boats of truth in a super cyclone of corruption. They unearth the shadiest secrets of the so-called political dummy gods. They show that unflinching determination just like any other warrior in the plight of war. Last but not least they clasp the uncertainties and help humanity in jeopardy.

Conversely, the other side of journalism isn’t as pleasing as the above-mentioned for sure. There exist corrupt media houses, deceitful journalists, and business-minded people too. But would you just give up your dreams seeing them laughing at you? No right, then learn with me these 5 impactful ways that will help you become a good journalist even in the most clumsy industry.

Careful of career temptations

careful of career

Making a career in Journalism is easier said than done. Being utterly realistic, it will take time. The career temptation in journalism is a tricky spell and wishfully no one should get outwitted by it. Money, awards, rewards, and goodies are just an ambush. People can easily make you do what they want if you fall into their trap. So, staying motivated and lawful should be at the peak of your priorities. Become ultra-careful while picking up an opportunity and stick to the standard journalism norms.

Published Work

published work

Your journey as a journalist doesn’t start with a job it begins with your decision to become one. What exactly does it mean?  Well, it means start working now. Personal blogs, writing opinion editorial to the newspapers, having your own YouTube channel, handling social media pages, or freelancing start today itself. In the industry as a fresher, you should and must have a portfolio and your practices become your published work. The more the published work, the greater the chances to get hired by a good company.



It has become more of a common thing nowadays and everybody has contacts. But, the catch is how well did you impress them? Are they reasonably mesmerized to get you into the industry? If yes, then with no inch of a doubt you are a fabulous communicator. Let me give you all a bonus point – our network is our net worth. Building a genuine network of professionals in the industry is inarguably a blessing. Have people who can help you and are just one call away.

Independence in work

starting a career in Journalism

For your work to be noticed by a greater number of people, it has to be attractive, striking, and unique at the same time. That becomes far from reach if you possess good writing skills alone. Graphic designing, Video editing, and Content management are basic for any journalist to become an ideal persona in the workplace. Get started today and keep working independently as early as possible.

Social work

social work

This is indisputably helpful for every aspiring journalist although it’s entirely optional. There is a saying that goes “the experienced can express better”. While closely witnessing certain social issues of the society, a journalist can address all the problems impeccably. To do so, involving yourself in social work can be a great way. It helps you to stay focused, be responsible, and become a distinctive journalist.

In conclusion, do the right things at the right time and start typing already.