Lovely Professional University students continue to make this fraternity proud with each passing day. Another student have finally fulfilled her dream of studying abroad in one of the renowned university. LPU’s BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration)-LL.B (Hons.) student Hunar Kalra is cherishing the wonderful opportunity of studying in one of the leading universities of the world, Woosong University, South Korea with 100% tuition fee waiver under the semester exchange programme.

Since the establishment of the university in the year 1995, Woosong University has signed more than 100 Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with universities and schools in more than 30 countries. The university has been ranked as an autonomous, top tier university by the Korean Ministry of Education. These foreign universities foster foreign language skills and develop a global spirit.

LPU ensures that its students can get the best opportunities and the best outcome. Going overseas for study purpose can widen the your career prospects as well as make your experience rich and enhance your skills. LPU has numerous international tie-ups with prestigious universities covering the whole globe starting from the USA to Singapore, South Korea to France, Australia to many other countries. Many students have unlocked this fantastic opportunity through many schemes offered by LPU like credit transfer and semester exchange programmes, thus aiding in getting quality education.

Studying abroad helps students in self-realisation so that he/she can contribute to national development through academic research and education. It helps them learn and apply practical expertise and skills with creative fusion. LPU has always motivated its students to work hard and helps them in achieving their dream. Hunar’s determination and perseverance has finally paid off and this is just the beginning towards better future. We are sure that she will continue to make us proud in the coming future too.

We wish Hunar heartiest congratulations and all the best for her future endeavours!