A picture of a woman with frozen eyelashes and what appears to be a scene from the Disney movie ‘Frozen’ is currently trending on social media. The photo, taken in the Russian village of Oymyakon, is currently floating around on various social media platforms and has left countless people speechless. To be able to survive under such unforgiving climates is truly commendable. This is just one such place on Earth where temperatures reach levels beyond human comprehension. And as tough as it may be to believe, there are several other places where the temperature falls to even lower values.

Given below are the top 5 coldest places on Earth –

  1. North Ice, Greenland
    Coldest Places on Earth

A research centre located in North Greenland, North Ice has a reputation of being one of the coldest places on Earth. It is located at an altitude of 2341 meters above sea level and has a lowest recorded temperature of -66.1 degrees C.

  1. Verkhoyansk, Russia
    Coldest Places on Earth

A small town located in the Sakha Republic, Verkhoyansk is the second coldest place in Russia. It is considered as the Northern Pole of Cold, with the lowest temperature being recorded at -68.9 degrees C in the year 1982. The town also has a population of 1,311 inhabitants.

  1. Oymyakon, Russia
    Coldest Places on Earth

Also known as the coldest permanently inhabited place on the planet, Oymyakon, a small village in Siberia, has a population of about 500 inhabitants. The lowest temperature recorded here was -71.2 degrees C way back in 1924. Recently, temperatures as low as -67 degrees C was recorded, making it one of the coldest places to exist here on Earth. Delhi doesn’t seem to be that cold anymore, huh?

  1. Plateau Station, Antarctica
    Coldest Places on Earth

At second place we have Plateau Station, an inactive American research centre located on the central Antarctic Plateau. The lowest temperature recorded here was an alarming -86.2 degrees C way back in the year 1968. The summers here are very brief and the winters are harsh and frigid. I don’t think any more explanation is needed as to why this place is devoid of any human life.

  1. Vostok, Antarctica Coldest Places on Earth

And leading this frostbitten list is none other than Vostok, also known as the coldest place on planet Earth. Vostok proudly boasts the lowest temperature on Earth at a mind-blowing -89.2 degree C. Vostok has an abundance of sunshine despite having no sunshine at all from May to August. Unbelievably, this place has an alarming 22.9 hrs. of sunshine in December, making it one of the sunniest places on Earth. Bone-cracking temperatures and a never-ending daytime, what more could you ever ask for?

All this just makes me want to shrivel up in my blanket and have a good long nap. Winter can be beautiful and graceful, but at the same time, it can be unforgiving and ruthless. The above-mentioned places are the perfect examples showing how cruel Mother Nature can be. So here’s to hoping that this will winter end soon and the coming summer will fill our lives with abundant joy and happiness.