The trend of movies is a hype these days. And the viewership of movies related to modern warfare armies is again at a razzmatazz. Thrill, action, strategies, curiosity, graphics, and emotions are indeed the most de rigueur elements that people find fascinating these days. The era of movies based upon world wars are going monotonous in the current flash of time as the movie industry has already witnessed thousands of cinematographic arts based upon the traditional wars. The trend for today is the modern warfare movies with more technicalities indulged in it. So here are the top 5 fabulous modern warfare movies of all time:

  1. Lone Survivor:

It is a biographical thrilling war-based film that focuses on 4 sniper men from the SEAL reconnaissance and surveillance team. The movie showcases the army men going on a daily surveillance duty but end up fighting with a hoard of Taliban exquisites. The movie is based on a non-fiction book of the same name by the author Patrick Robinson with Marcus Luttrell and is based on a true story.

Top 5 fabulous modern warfare movies of all time

  1. Jarhead 1:

A film by the famous actor Jake Gyllenhaal, is again a biographical thrill based war film. It focuses on a simple guy’s story on how a simple and happy go lucky boy turns into an official sniper specialist of the Marine corps. Launched in the year 2005, it is a movie that has been rewarded by 7 different esteemed awards. It is a Vietnam war based non-fictional piece of art.

Top 5 fabulous modern warfare movies of all time

  1. Hurt Locker:

When it comes to modern warfare movies, this piece of art can never be out of the list. A movie that had been nominated for 9 academy awards and grabbed 6 of them including best picture, best original screenplay etc. Based on the famous person Sergeant First Class Williams James famously known as the bomb man of the world who has grabbed the world record of defusing the most bombs at his duty.

Top 5 fabulous modern warfare movies of all time

  1. Restrepo:

How would you feel if the action in the movie is a documentation in the real life? Restrepo is a movie based on the war of Afghanistan and is all real in nature. It does not involve fake actors acting roles but is shot at the real-time war ground which means every shot and scene in the film is absolutely genuine.

Top 5 fabulous modern warfare movies of all time

  1. Zero Dark Thirty:

A dramatic documentation of the killing of Osama, this movie tells the audience how the killing of the most wanted man on the planet took place. With the concept of showcasing behind the scenes, the movie has grabbed the world’s attention already. Though the movie faced a lot of criticism and allegations, we cannot argue about the quality of effort that is sprinkled onto the movie and the cinematography.

Top 5 fabulous modern warfare movies of all time

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