No hosteller can deny the incredible and ever-lasting memories you make when living as a hosteller at LPU. Metaphorically speaking, you get front-row seats to LPU’s diverse, dynamic and rich campus life.


Many hostellers are often very quick to complain about the hostel, comparing it to a prison. Though it’s nowhere close to a prison, it may sometimes give students a vibe that their fun and freedom is very much limited. But that’s not always the case. Being a hosteller is so much more fun and exciting than circulated in endless gossip/rumours around campus. Below are ten reasons why being a hosteller at LPU rocks:

  1. Security Is Not Even An Issue: One of the best things about staying on campus is how completely safe and secure it is. There are more than enough CCTV cameras and 24-hour security guards within the hostel compound, not to mention a security office nearby. You’ll even find security cameras installed inside the hostel itself. 
  2. Friends – All Day, Every Day, Everywhere: Whilst staying on campus you’ll probably learn that you have loads of fellow classmates/friends who’re staying inside the campus as well. If they’re not in your hostel, chances are they’re in hostels nearby. One of the great things about the hostels is that they’re built within close proximity of each other. This means you can go visit your friends anytime you like, even past midnight. This makes things like sleepovers, group hangouts, study groups, birthday parties etc. very easy, convenient and flexible to organize. 
  3. Proximity To Classes: This isn’t for everyone, but most people who stay in the hostels, their classrooms are only 5-10 minutes walking distance from their hostels. As a hosteller, early mornings aren’t so chaotic and time-consuming since we’re not required to take/wait for public transportation. 
  4. Proximity To Library: The library is only a 5 minute walking distance from most of the hostels. Furthermore, if you wish to study at night, you’ll be escorted by 1 or 2 security guard(s) on your way there and back so you know you’re always safe.
  5. Vast Playgrounds To Enjoy Fresh Air: Whether you want to go for a walk early in the morning or late in the evening, the playgrounds are open till about 10pm. There you’ll find vast fields, beautiful gardens, a tennis/badminton court and seating areas. Whether you want some quality time with your best friend or just some alone time, the playgrounds give you the perfect setting for all that. It can be best described as scenic, spacious and quiet. 
  6. Laundry (For Us Lazy Folks): If you’re not the type who wakes up at 6:00am to complete all their chores, then you might want to consider opting for laundry. Keep in mind that there is a small annual fee you’ll need to pay. It’s only two minutes from your room and it’s a very simple & smooth drop-off-and-pick-up process. 
  7. Everything You Need – Within 5 Minutes Walking Distance: Looking to go to the mall? Or maybe you need to see a doctor urgently? Why worry? As a hosteller, you can access all the things you need in no time. If for instance, you need to see the doctor in the middle of the night, just inform your warden and she’ll call the ambulance right away. If you’re not happy with the stores and/or restaurants in the mall, there are plenty of other ones on campus. 
  8. You Save Money & Time: This one is a no-brainer.You don’t have to worry about transportation to/from your residential area every day. Public transportation can kill your time and money if you’re not an early bird. Any LPU student is well aware of the importance of attendance, and unexpected external factors (i.e. traffic) can easily intervene with that. Also by being a hosteller, you save money on a bunch of other things such as internet and food.
  9. Meeting New People: Be it in the mess or out in the playground, you never know when you may bump into your next best friend, a fellow Verto. The entire compound is filled with familiar faces – students from different countries, courses and years. Occasionally in the hostel compound, you’ll come across exclusive DJ parties, modelling shows, outdoor movie nights etc. These occasions are the perfect opportunity to network with our amazing fellow students. 
  10. Amazing & Long-Lasting Experience: No hosteller can deny the incredible and ever-lasting memories you make when living as a hosteller at LPU. Metaphorically speaking, you get front-row seats to LPU’s diverse, dynamic and rich campus life. You can fully savour the true campus experience. When there are fireworks being lit on campus, you get to witness the whole thing up close from your room balcony. Inside the hostel, you’ll make so many memorable moments with your friends. The hostel environment itself is designed to make you feel very comfortable and at ease. With warm study rooms & cosy living rooms, you’ll soon come to realize that LPU is your home away from home.

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