LPU Vertos continue to steer forward the decade-long placement history that their seniors have left behind as this year’s season moves closer and closer to a perfect end! No strategy will guarantee success. You have no choice but to practise trial and error to achieve your goals. Placements are the number of times that an endeavour has been completed without failure. The students of LPU have once again shone and moved forward in their quest to achieve triumph by taking a step in the right direction at a significant event.

At the industry-leading optimization company Optmyzr, four Vertos were offered substantial placement packages totalling up to Rs. 36.5 lacs. These 4 students are Rohit Lalwani B. Tech CSE (Hons), Nishant Pandey B. Tech CSE, Anand Mohan Tripathi B. Tech CSE and Venkata Sriram Eluri of Integrated B. Tech CSE – MBA.

CompTIA Linux+ and Python programming certification training have both been completed by Rohit Lalwani. Additionally, he has created a variety of projects and mini-projects, including CPU scheduling in C, AI and Python-based character recognition, Java-based billing software, and Python-based multi-messenger in the terminal. Nishant Pandey is an expert in machine learning, DSA, and web development. He has been participating in competitive programming for more than a year, and on several platforms (including 3* Code-chef, 5* Hackerrank, Codeforces, Leetcode, and GeeksForGeeks), he has completed 700+ questions. Venkata Sriram Eluri was a Student Coordinator at the Student entrepreneurship cell, LPU from Aug 2019 – Sep 2019.

Software solutions developed by Optmyzr, a Silicon Valley-based start-up that is funded by venture capital and helps advertisers enhance their search engine marketing campaigns, are offered by the company. Optmyzr is the industry pioneer when it comes to enterprise-grade, automated search engine marketing (SEM) optimization solutions. The company was established in 2013. More than 200 enterprise-level customers in over 30 countries use the software platform that the company provides; among these customers are some of the most well-known companies in the world.