The other day I was talking to an artist friend of mine and he says he has this love and hate relationship with Instagram. I couldn’t help but wonder why. Instagram is one such great platform with over 1 billion active users underpinning artists and businesses to make their art reach millions. On the other hand, it preoccupies all of their time which can be deliberately put into their businesses.

Instagram: a tough love of youth

First, none can ignore the fact that it’s well-liked by every one of us. Importantly, young artists, start-ups, bloggers, photographers and many others are now able to follow their passions with certain proper visions. For such artists, aspiring entrepreneurs, and future billionaires in making, these are few tricks and tips to gear up their profile:

A perfect profile name is a keyword to your success

Many forget to capitalize their name section which is key for search engine optimisation. Stipulate a name that is more relevant to your niche. For example incorporate words like Fitness trainee if you are a gym trainer, business coach if you are a teacher. If anybody is looking for a gym trainer in your location on Instagram, guess who will be their first choice? Yes, it’s you.

Bring up a brilliant bio

Bio on Instagram is a short space to express yourself. Most people gush out random routines in their bio which makes it boring. In fact, this is why your worthwhile content on Instagram goes unnoticed. For this reason, write what you are developing now, how involved you are and how excited you are. Always leave a link to your website or current project for the audience’s better understanding of you and your business.

Blue for an exemplary profile photo

Picking a plain-looking and an unappealing profile photo is one of the most commonly made mistakes by many. So, how does an exquisite photo look like? Well, it always should be the logo or your own picture or a sample of your art. Likewise, if it’s your own portrait then make sure to use a blue background to stand unique in the crowd. Because blue is one such beautiful colour which is both attractive and harmless to the eyes. Further, a thick border around the picture can make it more visible.

A special tip for hashtags

For some obvious reasons, people hashtag on Instagram like crazy. Though one can use up to 30 hashtags, it’s always better to use at most 12 hashtags. Use the tags that fall under your niche for which research is definitely required. Do not use repeated hashtags because you can be spammed by Instagram. Employ small, medium and large-sized hashtags and keep rotating between them making sure you don’t use them pretty often. Remember to choose those hashtags which are lesser than the size of 500,000.

Caption in the size of a microblog

The more you engage the more you get visible. Community engagement is utmost after your establishment on Instagram. Following people of the same community or niche will increase your visibility to their followers on the site. At the same time starting a one-to-one conversation, in other words, the DMs are very important, for which keeping the attention of the audience around 10 seconds plays a crucial role.

So, writing a micro blog-type caption does the job for you. People comment, you reply, and in the back end, Instagram will understand that your content is what they want to see and is also most liked by them. Lastly, you keep consistently appearing on their feed.