Evincing the fact that pursuing a Ph.D. is much more than just preparing a thesis and performing research, Ravneet Kaur, a research scholar and teaching assistant in School of Chemical Engineering and Physical Sciences, LPU has bagged exemplary achievements at ‘The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics’ (ICTP) in Trieste, Italy.

Making an applaudable accomplishment, Ravneet Kaur was the only student who got selected in both Preparatory School and Winter College on ‘Optics: Quantum Photonics and Information’ by ICTP from India in the students’ category.

Ravneet Kaur Ph.D.

Not only that, she also bagged the ‘Lamp Oral Presentation Award’ and prize money worth 100 euros for the talk entitled ‘Stimulated Raman Scattering of Q Gaussian Laser Beam in Preformed Plasma Channel’ at the Winter College among 89 participants from across the world, which was sponsored by The Optical Society (OSA).

Most of the applicants get selected for one of these events. But because of her attractive academic record, Ravneet was fortunate enough to get the golden opportunity of attending both the events.

Ravneet Kaur Ph.D.

Illustrative, the Winter College offers training in quantum optics and quantum information to Ph.D. students and researchers, and also provides insight into the new quantum technologies that involve generation and manipulation of matter-like and photonic states. On the other hand, the Preparatory School gives a concise overview of vital concepts that help the participants avail full benefit from the specialized lectures delivered during the Winter School. The lectures are also supplemented with effective lab and sessions and computer simulation session.

LPU’s Centre for Research Degree Programmes ensures that deserving and bright minds receive academic, professional and even monetary assistance if required to dodge obstacles and let the scholars avail maximum opportunities. With real-time exposure and knowledge-rich learning, LPU is surely one of the best institutions to embark upon a Ph.D.! Just like Ravneet, LPU’s scholars are consistently bagging great opportunities and inspiring others to perform their best!