Being internationally connected, Lovely Professional University keeps on working with top partner universities across the world by developing many collaborative international study exchange programs to provide students a truly global experience. Presently, 80 students from Langara College of Canada are studying with 50 LPU students in joint virtual exchange sessions. These sessions are co-designed by the Humanities departments of both Langara College and LPU. The historically valuable sessions are being addressed by Langara College’s Prof Dr Avram Agov; and, Prof Dr Manu Sharma of LPU.

This ‘Collaborative Online Intercultural Learning – Virtual Exchange (COIL-VE)’ programme consists of two sessions, with a six-week programme per session. Here in the first two weeks, students of different nations and localities interact with one another through small groups; share cultural experiences; and, in the other four weeks students go through the introduction of contents, assignments and group discussions by the two faculties. Interesting topics so far touched by LPU’s Dr Manu in the first session are Vedic tradition (Yoga, Ayurveda); Post-Vedic civilization; Women in Ancient India, ancient Middle East and East Asia. Prof Dr Avram Agov shared historical facts about Asia.

In fact, this virtual exchange (COIL-VE) programme is an approach to nurture global competence through development of a multicultural learning environment that links classes in different countries. Using various communication technologies, students from different countries complete shared assignments and projects, with faculty members. It fosters intercultural competencies that are needed for success in today’s world and workforce. On these lines, diverse student group work together, virtually, to complete a project that nurtures needed communicative skills among students of other cultures.

The content of the first session was to explore the ancient civilizations and cultures of Asia, from Persia to Korea, with focus on India. Learning outcomes of the first session include learning of other cultures and history, gaining international experiences and communication skills, and learning through online platforms and venues by communicating with peers and seers. The next session of another six weeks will commence from 28th January 2022.