This whole year has bought a total change in our normal life. A big change in our lifestyle! All students, even the working people are getting used to these new terms “work from home” and “online classes”.

Online Vs Offline classes

We all are habitual of studying in simple manner where we are attending offline class with our friends and having face to face interactions with our teachers. But this pandemic has affected us in such a way that our normal offline class has changed to online class. Instead of sitting in classrooms and studying, we are now attending classes online from our phones and laptops sitting in our respective homes where our faculties are teaching us online and we are having live interactions with our teachers. It is possible due to the MyClass platform which is our new online classroom where we are attending our class according to our respective schedule.

Talking online exams and submitting assignments

Just like we are attending classes in online mode, we are also taking exams in online mode in the MyClass platform where our faculties are monitoring us. Previously we were taking examinations in offline mode and submitting assignments manually to the teachers but now we are submitting both our assignments and answer sheets via online mode. 

Online events

We have never been taught in life that someday we will be attending our university’s events and functions in an online mode. But see, such an unexpected thing also happened where we are witnessing live concerts and mega events like Spectra without visiting the auditoriums. Quite a different way of conducting an event that none of us have ever expected.

We all know that the situation isn’t resolved yet so our university might take some more time to reopen, as the authorities have to think deeply before taking any important decision and work according to the situation. So it might be possible that we will be again taking our classes and exams in online mode for some time, so we all should be prepared for this “New normal” again till the problem is solved.