Due to the pandemic created, we have left the real world long ago and traced the steps into the virtual world. Now this virtual world includes everything in online mode (that’s where we are stuck!) i.e. making you sit in front of your mobile and laptop screens for hours and hours. This surely is quite hectic and sometimes feels annoying as well. Staying in the University and attending continuous classes may be tiring but is still better than sitting in front of your screens 9 AM-5 PM without being able to interact with any of your friends in person which, during offline classes, was one of your pillars of strength to fight against the exhaustion.

As our University has also adopted an online mode of teaching through CodeTantra, an advanced platform now owned by LPU for conducting its classes; it is trying its best to simplify the mode a bit for the students and to make them as comfortable as possible. The online platform holds several features enabling students to directly interact with the teachers without hesitation and raise any doubts during the meeting or ping them on LPU Live where the teachers are also providing the necessary study materials to the students. But that doesn’t eradicate the problems faced by the students and undoubtedly the teachers as well in the regular classes, how to manage stress during this period remains an issue.

Take a break!                                      

Well, that’s something everyone may talk about (including KitKat’s advertisement!), how can you take a break when you are having non-stop classes? The classes are occurring for 50 minutes giving only 10 minutes as buffer time to switch between classes for both students and teachers, but eventually might end up consuming your entire one hour leaving very little or no room for any break you may be seeking for! In such a situation, give yourself at least two minutes break. Leave your sitting position and walk around your home with earphones if possible for distraction, free your mind from whatever is happening around and relax (I know it’s difficult to relax within such a short period but give it a try!).

Have regular movements

Continuing from above, not only breaks can help you overcome stress, but also regular neck, back and eye movements can remove any stiffness from your body as many of us may experience backache or neck ache due to prolonged sitting. Sitting in front of your screens for a long time can tire your back and neck and cause pain which may even make you lose focus in your class. Walking or doing some light exercise may help.

Stress to your eyes!

Not only the body is stressed, but constant staring at your screens can put stress on your eyes affecting your visualisation. Using UV protective glasses may protect your eyes from the probability of facing harmful rays.

Eating healthy and proper hydration

Always, keep a water bottle by your side while attending classes as it is not always possible to go and fetch a glass of water amid ongoing classes. Also, eating healthy and timely is extremely required for keeping you engaged throughout the period.

I hope these tricks and steps may help you a bit to overcome your stress and if so, then happy studying!