Movies have always been a huge part of one’s life! And when we talk about college life, they help a lot as the students correlate and grapple in their day to day life with these movies. A nostalgic ambience is created as we remember the old movie trips with friends in those golden days of life. But fortunately or unfortunately these funny trips, laughter pack of friends, all have now become just a memory! The oldies have nothing left than blaming their mounting age, and the youngsters have been sealed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  


Today we all feel the absence of the cinema industry in our life but never thought of them for whom this was the bread and butter of their family. We, at Wings of Hope, a student organization, under the aegis of Division of Student Welfare, Lovely Professional University do care for them. Thus, seeing the need of the situation a talk show with Mr. Kunal Sawhney, the Sr. Vice-President of ‘Carnival Cinemas’ on ‘Pandemic Chaos in the Cinema Industry’ was organized by Wings of Hope.


The talk show was kick-started with a warm welcome of the guest, by Mr. Vishnu- who anchored the show, followed by a small chit chat on how this quarantine is serving him personally. Mr. Kunal while thanking Lovely Professional University for inviting him to go live and interact with the crowd who is chaotic and at the same time concerned regarding the future of the Cinema Industry, especially highlighted that the bond that Wings of Hope shares with Carnival Cinemas has been always special and also mentioned that Carnival Cinemas has been a prime sponsor for almost all the events organized by Wing of Hope, back at the campus. The guest speaker also specified that their branch at Jalandhar, in Viva Collage Mall, has the LPU students as its main set of audience, and to his amaze, even a South Indian movie goes houseful all because of the love that LPU students have shown for Carnival Cinemas. Indicating to the fame of Carnival Cinemas in the Jalandhar area, the Sr.


Vice- President thanked the team Wings of Hope for always supporting and promoting them in & out the campus through various means, and during their different events like Fanfest, Fanfest 2.0 & the Challenge of Change, etc. 


Proceeding with what are his thoughts on this pandemic, Mr. Kunal answered several questions on ‘How the lockdown is hitting the workflow for Cinema Industry?‘ Answering one of the questions, on how they are managing to pay the ‘Carnival Staff,’ without any funds generated? Mr. Kunal stated that at this point it would be cruelty if we leave our employees without pay and would be against the ethics of the organization. So, every employee of Carnival Cinemas is getting paid amid this lockdown. In the talk show, Mr. Kunal also discussed their plans and initiatives that the Carnival Cinemas has thought for tackling the post-COVID-19 circumstances. He briefed that complete social distancing will be maintained and the number of screens will be increased to handle the huge number of people visiting the cinemas. Adding to his statements he further said that the old blockbusters will be once again on board until any new movies are released. 


Overall the talk show was a wonderful session organized by Wings of Hope and they set a historic benchmark as for the first time their live targeted 11k+ viewers on Facebook and 7k+ viewers on Instagram. Apart from this talk show that targeted a very critical aspect of one’s life, Wings of Hope has always been super active, not only amid this nationwide lockdown but also in the past years. The organization has always worked for the holistic growth of the students and has given numerous successful celebrity events to LPU. They have always aimed to be a ray of hope in a person’s life and have always motivated, cheered, and made students laugh through their humongous and fantastic series of events. Wings of Hope is the organization that has always worked in the interest of LPU and the Vertos!