“Our University will keep on striving hard to scale in equivalence to yester years’ great seats of learning in India – Nalanda and Taxila.” -Chancellor, LPU

Advisor to the Prime Minister of India, Shri T.K.A. Nair declared the Second Phase of the 3rd Bhartiya Vigyan Sammelan open at Lovely Professional University (LPU) today. Being organized on the theme of ‘Science for Global Development’, about 1500 scientists from across India made oral presentations, posters and power point presentations on various scientific and humanitarian topics  from the fields of Bio-Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Agriculture, Energy and Environment Engineering. 

Addressing the gathering of visiting scientists, intellectuals and students, the Chief Guest, Mr. T.K.A. Nair expressed his happiness on being among the youth. Inspiring one and all, he said, “We all should strive together to prove ourselves worthy citizens of the great country of India.” Taking main topics, one by one, to be discussed during the “Sammelan”, he invoked all.,“ Let us all join hands to have an integrated approach to seek  solutions to the problems specially related to Sustainable Agriculture Technology, Water, Supply of energy & Health-Care.”  He also mentioned, “Common people believe that Government does not do much to help on these topics, the reality is that, it is not policy alone that will bring change, but it is awareness among people that can bring change.” In this regard, he held, “Such conferences are ideal opportunities to trigger and awaken all participants. Government, Public, Private sectors & Volunteer organizations should come together to benefit from such a wisdom orated and exhibited.” Welcoming the Chief Guest, Mr Nair, to his “Karam Bhoomi” Punjab, from where he retired as Chief Secretary, LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal highlighted about his simplicity and intelligence. He assured the Guest of the Day, “Our University will keep on striving hard to scale in equivalence to yester years’ great seats of learning in India – Nalanda and Taxila.” 

On the first day close to 100 Papers were presented  including some of the topics of mass interest like Bio-Diesel Potential in India, Lighting Houses with Sewerage, Artificial Nests to save Sparrows, Studies of Cell Phone Radiation Exposure inside a car, Innovative way to reduce the level of Carbon dioxide from industry and maintain the ecological balance in atmosphere and Economic Analysis of Hydro power Generation and Solar Dish Stirling System. Deepak Basandrai and A.K. Dhami of Division of Research & Development of Lovely professional University delivered a paper presentation on the topic of “Effect on Cell Phone Radiation on Human Tissues”

The “Solar Water Bottle”, an invention exhibited at the Expo, was the hit of the event. In what can be termed as a path breaking step in providing cost effective, environment friendly and readily available source of illumination, scientists have invented an arrangement that will yield illumination equivalent to that of a 100 W bulb. Termed as “Solar Water Bottle”, the device has the potential to illuminate crores of households based in slum areas across the country and abroad. Mr. Ashok Mittal, Chancellor LPU, heaped praises on the invention and stated, “Any creation that goes into bringing about transformation in the lives of maximum number of people, especially those who are living at the edge, calls for applause and recognition. I congratulate the scientist behind this invention, for finding a simple yet effective solution to address the problem of non-availability of light in many households. I sincerely wish that more such inventions emerge in coming times, which I term as the real gains of education.”