Just another day at LPU, but a different spiritual vibe was flowing with the cold breeze out there. The workshop on “Art of Conscious Living” was organized by the National Service Scheme (NSS) that welcomed Brahmarishi Patriji along with more of his delegates for a tour in this diverse university.

About the Event

The event was set up in the lt. Baldev Raj Mittal auditorium for the prestigious personality. As to add a flavor to welcome Patriji in Punjab, the event was unlatched with the local folk song ritual performed by the professional students.

PatrijiEvents like this are so common here but Patriji’s presence added more to the sweet memories inside the campus; and to mark the essence forever, Patriji was also honoured by the university as a matter of gratitude.

What happened in the auditorium

Not only Patriji himself but alongside him, the delegates and the disciples of him contributed for the same too. The introductory speech by Priyanka Ma’am of Patriji not only introduced the life of him to the students but also made everyone excited about what was coming later. Following her, the stage was taken over by Patriji himself, and from the very next moment, it was like everything felt so easy. He not only interacted with the students individually later but made everyone witness what solace feels like. Walking on the path to find solitude and peace, which is mastered by now by Patriji himself, he taught the student lessons and meaning of what life is.

PatrijiThe main motive behind visiting LPU from Hyderabad was to fill prosperity and peace in the stressful yet beautiful life of diverse students from all around the globe all in one campus. Living and following the basic understanding of what a soul is, he with his meditation skills made everyone present in that enclosed theatre of what Enlightenment feels like. The joy of meditation and its outcomes was experienced by everyone present there, and he also asked the students to contribute and introduce among themselves and others, to this amazing art, that globally goes as MEDITATION.

About Patriji

Patriji, who is commonly known as Brahmarshi Patriji belongs to a small town in Andhra Pradesh. The soul got enlightened in 1979 after some serious researches and experiments that he made with Meditation. Writing over sixty books by himself on Meditation and solitude himself, Patriji has read over 50,000 books on the same to know Meditation more closely.

PatrijiLiving with his belief that everything is easy and reality is meaningless, he lives a life that is so pure and is all about a beautiful soul that’s breathing. Pyramids are a place introduced by him as he believes the power to focus and connect to the soul is more delightful this way. Walking on the path of Gautam Buddha and Vivekananda Swami, Patriji has a large number of disciples all over the world following his path of meditation to find their true-self, who follow him through this beautiful art by his videos and in-person at pyramids built all over India.