“Your attitude, your values and your vision form the blue print of your success. Anything is possible to achieve by psyching oneself with positive thinking.” — Mr. Shiv Khera, at LPU

Author of the immensely popular self help book “You Can Win”, Mr. Shiv Khera visited Lovely Professional University today. Mr. Khera, a motivational and keynote speaker is also a social activist, business consultant, and leadership trainer. He has inspired millions of people with his ideas on winning, succes, and leadership.

He was received at the LPU campus by an enthusiastic gathering of fans, all eager for his pearls of wisdom. Chancellor, Mr. Ashok Mittal said, “We are indeed fortunate to have a chance to be advised by one of the most celebrated thinkers and speakers of our times. Here at LPU where we mould future leaders, his guidance and wisdom on the right winning attitude will be invaluable.”

Thanking the gathering for the warm welcome Mr. Khera expressed great pleasure at being at LPU. He started his address with a note on positivity, saying that positive thinking alone cannot guarantee success. “It is a supplement, not a substitute for your action plan. Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.”

Mr. Khera said that it is will power more than skill that contributes to one’s success. Even though technical skills are essential to perform any job, it is people skills that take one higher in their career. Relationships of trust, dependability and mutual respect at the work place are crucial to success. Mr. Khera said that this is where the present generation is lacking. They are tech savvy but socially uncomfortable and few seem willing to learn to be any different. 

Another factor to success, Mr. Khera said, is positivity. “Positive behavior has to be a reflex action. Develop good habits and they will translate into your behavior and boost your self esteem.” 

Mr. Shiv Khera ended his speech with this piece of wisdom, “With positive thinking, commitment to values, and a vision, you can reach great heights.”