Human safety is the basic and most vital part of any institution at any place and at any time. When it comes to the security of the scholars, it’s a bigger fish to fry. Universities have to be secure and sustain their way throughout the whole educational phase of the student. There are a few universities in India that are pushing the bar to the highest in terms of safety and security. One prominent among all is Lovely Professional University.

It’s a place where things happen each day, each second, at every corner simultaneously.

From the clock-beat of morning 6 AM to the final hour of the library, midnight. Everything goes on with a controlled and careful way in the fully equipped staff of guards. And the 24×7 snappy cameras all around can capture every twitch of mishap. There are more than 500 full-time security supervisors and officials to monitor thousands of security cameras.

LPU has more security cameras than the Indira Gandhi International Airport

Security at every hostel, be it, boys or girls. Every guarded apartment, every departmental store, every garden, every roadblock, every community center, every meeting arena, every sports complex, parking lots and each of the crossroads. All the ‘things’ under surveillance, ensuring maximum security.

Above all this, each and every building has its own array of turnstile gates to ensure entry with their fingerprints and ID cards. Not only the students but even the teachers, admins, security personnel and janitors are necessitated to go through this entry authentication. The university ensures the overall management of the database and storage. Thanks to the amazing and efficient staff of Lovely Infotech, who manage plenty of affairs in the cyber-safety sphere of security.

The university has its own web portal for management and delivery of resources to the students, faculties, managers, events, janitors, etc. It’s called UMS, which stands for University Management System. Everyone has their own timeline and portal of events. All the monetary and funds transfer can be made securely from within the portal. It’s a concrete system of many variables but with great systematic isolation for each one of them.

The premise of LPU is One-Hundred-Percent Ragging Free. There is no chance of violence or getting ragged in here. The campus is a pure No smoking and drug-free zone, nothing can be brought in without a valid proper license, as in the case of pharmaceutical products.

The students’ guardians are regularly notified about the entry and exit of their wards. Students are required to apply for a leave, which includes the mentions of the visiting location and in and out times. All of this is informed to the guardians via calls or text messages.

Also, the campus has a free 24×7 Ambulance service to tackle any kind of medical emergency within minutes. The university has its own hospital called ‘Uni Hospital’, where the students can be taken care of and treated without any extra fee to be paid in the scope of the treatment.

Yeah, students may feel pale with all the security around them. But discipline is paramount and it comes with a little friction. Because, “Without manners, we all become animals”. And no one wants that. Discipline is the lubrication of society. Happiness and growth come with discipline. That’s all about the safest campus in India.