Human Resource Development Center and School of Agriculture, LPU successfully conducted a short course on “Statistical Interpretation of Bioscience Data“, from March 21-26, 2022. All the participants were dedicatedly involved during the training period and obtained research-oriented skills. The group consisting of a balanced mix of students, scholars and faculty got off to a great start.

Dr. Sawinder Kaur on behalf of the Dean, School of Agriculture, Dr. Ramesh Kumar Sadawarti, gave insights on the objective of this short-term course mentioning the in-depth thought that has gone into designing the format of the course. She advised the participants to translate the learning of the course into meaningful research and papers. Dr. Sunaina Ahuja, Course Convener, Dean and Head, Human Resource Development Center expressed that both the subject matter experts had agriculture-based research background and this would make this course a great learning experience for the participants, since they were also from the same background.

The subject matter experts Dr. D. Ramesh from Dept. of Statistics and Computer Applications at ANGRAU, Agricultural College, Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh and Dr. Uma Kamboj, from Department of Physics, School of Chemical Engineering and Physical Sciences, Lovely Professional University, provided hands-on training on SPSS. They engaged the participants with conceptual inputs, practical examples, hands-on demonstration and hands-on learning. The assessment and evaluation were conducted through a Multiple Choice Question Test and assignment based on Data and its application to reinforce outcome-based learning.

The participants were unanimous in their appreciation of the course in terms of the content, delivery and organization. The responsiveness of the organizing team was applauded by the participants who expressed that this was one of the best learning experiences. They also expressed the desire that such programs should be frequently conducted. The valedictory session had a buzz of vibrancy and enthusiasm!


Saumya Sharma: The session enhanced my knowledge about statistics which would really help me with my research and also for the analysis of my data.

Sarath Chandra: It gave me a lot of knowledge. I would hope it lays the foundation for my future endeavors.