How tough a job it is to answer the 10 mark questions for the Mid Term and End Term examinations, isn’t it? Well, this is not me speaking, but almost every one I talk to in college has this complaint. My friends call me crazy when I tell them how easy it is for me to answer a 10 mark question and expect not less than 8 marks out of 10.
The biggest problem I have ever heard about these questions is that there’s not enough content to write in the answer. How to make the answer long and worthy enough to obtain maximum marks? Let’s take a trip of a number of ways to answer that 10 mark question like a pro! Here are some tips:

Organize Your Answer!
What if I tell you a story with its ending first and then the beginning? That’d be sheer wastage of energy and time. That’s how a teacher would feel while checking an answer which isn’t properly organized. While writing a lengthy answer, we should decide what comes first and what follows. Only then will it really carry a meaning.

Definitions First

Even if the question doesn’t ask you to define a term which is related to the answer, state the definition. It doesn’t only add weight to the answer, but also gives it a proper arrangement. For example, if the question is “Multi Camera Production is better than Single Camera Production. Substantiate your views.” This question does not just demand your views. It demands you to present what you really know of the two terms, i.e. the definitions.

Use Maximum Figures, Charts and Illustrations
Only text is just too boring. If you can add a figure or a chart to your answer at the beginning or the ending, that would add 5 stars to your answer. It doesn’t just add explanation to your answer, but also makes it visually attractive, and gets you more marks. Try making the figures with a pencil and a scale to make it look neat and tidy.

Give Plenty of Examples
Examples really support your answer. They increase the validity of your answer as well as support it, especially if it is an analytical question. Even if the question does not ask for examples, do write some because they really help in framing a good answer.

Imagine You’re a Teacher
Just imagine being a teacher yourself and explaining the answer to your students while attempting the question. Make every line count and add as much relevant information as you can. This is one of the best techniques to add order and relevance to your answer.

Underline and Highlight!
This might seem quite like the school-time things, but trust me, underlining and highlighting the important terms in your answer helps. After you complete writing the entire paper, pick up your pencil and while revising, go on underlining all that’s important.

Consider these as Ninja Techniques to answer those tricky questions, and try using them next time. I’m sure you’ll do much better and once you begin answering the questions like this, it’ll become your habit and you’ll never find any difficulty in future.
All the best for exams!

-Sakshi Aneja