The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), as sure as eggs is eggs, is one of the world’s toughest exams! The exam comprises two preliminary papers and nine papers in the mains, followed by a personal interview. Notorious for being the toughest but worthy of the rigor, IAS is one of the most honored jobs in the country. Interviewing and choosing 180 officers from a talent pool of one million candidates is a Herculean task. But sometimes, interviewers went a bit unorthodox and had their own way. Here are some of the few chucklesome riddles asked in IAS interviews.

(1). A cat had three kittens named January, February, and April. “What” is the name of the cat?

Solution. “What” is actually the name of the cat! Sometimes it’s not about logic or sanity. It’s to check your presence of mind.

(2). How do you drop a chicken egg on a concrete floor without cracking it?

Solution. Well, cracking concrete floor is a nightmare, especially if you are trying to accomplish it by dropping chicken eggs on it. However, the reverse is possible! Sometimes, you don’t need to think in a newfangled way. What you need is an unorthodox perspective of viewing issues.

(3). What’s the one thing you absolutely can’t eat in your breakfast or lunch?

Solution. Well, can you eat “dinner” for your breakfast or lunch? That’s the answer. It’s just a riddle to test your brain! So, think before you respond.

(4). How do you go ten days without sleep?

Solution. You sleep at night! These are easy riddles. Simply glancing at the question shall lead you to an answer.

(5). What looks like half of an apple?

Solution. Did you wonder where the other half went? The answer lies within the question. It’s obvious, the other half of the apple is the answer!

(6). Name three consecutive days without using Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday?

Solution. Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow! Did it satisfy the condition? Check for yourself.

(7). What’s going to happen to throw a magenta stone in a blue sea?

Solution. Obviously, it’s going to sink! What else do you expect from a stone?

Were you able to answer all of them correctly? If yes, congratulations!