Nobody in this world can leave alone and everyone needs a person in their life with whom they can share their problems, enjoy their happiness and sadness and want to spend their life with them. We need a person in our life who can understand us and we can get such a person in the firm of friends. There are many moments and talks that we cannot share or may be uncomfortable to share with our parents or any other person but with friends, we can share almost everything without any hesitation. But we must be wise enough before choosing our friends. A friend can be either a bane or a boon for us and it all depends on our decision that what do we want to in our life.

Are your friends real?

We have met a lot of people in our life that we might feel attractive and good to some extent and amongst them, we have made a lot of friends but are they real? We must ask this question before considering them our friends. There are lots of people in our life who will come to us only at the time of parties or when they need us but will be always ignoring us when we are in any trouble and we need them. When you are giving any party, a lot of your friends or your so-called friends will come to you only to enjoy but when you need someone for your urgent work, everyone will be ready with their thousands of excuses and will ignore you. At that time only your real friends will come up to help you and this is a time when you will easily differentiate between your real friends and fake friends. When you see the true colours of your friends, you might get badly hurt and you might be shattered because sometimes you have believed them too much and expected a lot from them but as a result, you got nothing and faced only ignorance. The people are so selfish that they don’t even care that from which type of condition we are suffering.  

Difference between real and fake friends

When you are going to make friends, you should first understand the difference between a real and a fake friend. We can easily differentiate between them by knowing their intentions, our importance in our life, and by their behavior towards us. Our real friends will always encourage us for doing something new but also stop us from doing anything wrong. They will be very happy with our achievements and will not get jealous like others. A real friend is always like your family member that will be with you when you need them just like your family member and will also tell you what is right and what is wrong and will never break your trust. You are very valuable to them. While your fake will just show you that they are caring for you but actually they don’t give you any value in their life and they even don’t care that you are ok or not.

People who are having real friends are very lucky because they have a support system with them who is always with them in every situation. If you are having such friends, you should also respect them. Never hurt them or insult them and always help and motivate them when they are in trouble. Always be with them and live like a family.