During this tough time when the world is fighting against a deadly pandemic, staying indoors has proved to be a big mental challenge for many of us. Additionally, daily increasing corona cases and fatalities have instilled a fear in everyone about the future. So, here we will discuss some of the ways to deal with these anxieties:

  1. Yoga

No matter how stressed you are yoga can always soothe your mind. A 30-minute yoga session (make sure to include pranayama) can provide a blissful kickstart to your day and much needed health benefits to your body.

  1. Hobbies

You may have always wished to cultivate some hobbies whether it may be music, dance, cooking, or any other but may not have been able to allocate enough time to it. Now, you have the time and internet at your command so do it. If you don’t have any such hobbies in your wish list then I would recommend starting with diary writing.

This process would not only get you to learn something new but also divert your mind to something constructive.

  1. Hone Professional skills

As an undergraduate aspiring for a successful career what’s best than to improve your skillset by learning something new. A good start would be to learn a university recommended course (LPU did provide a list) and then to work on the skills in which you are lacking.

Developing a project would be another recommendation.

  1. Stay away from negativity

It is our general tendency to get affected (either positively or negatively) from the happenings around us. So, it is better to avoid incidents that may have the potency to ruin our mood. If can’t be avoided at least to reduce their frequency.

A fine example would be checking coronavirus updates or any other depressing news. Checking it frequently would do no good, but it surely would disturb you.

  1. Take professional help

If you feel that you can’t handle it don’t hesitate to take professional help. There is no need to be embarrassed about your problem. LPU has collaborated with one such online platform named YourDOST and students can avail its services free.

Although the pandemic is not over if we keep both physical and mental precautions, we can keep ourselves safe.