The nation is suffering, the people are suffering, and in this hard time when the entire world is fighting against COVID-19, we have the heroes amongst us, who though not in the field of medicine or defense services are still serving the nation in the best possible ways.

Through this article, I would be highlighting the proud alumni of LPU, who always thought in mind that though I am just one, cannot do everything but can do something, and thus they have been working consistently amid this lockdown and have been supporting the society by assisting the needy & destitute people through various means.

LPU Alumni

Starting with one of our Alumni, Mr. Akash Singh, who is ensuring that our warriors of the war against the COVID-19 are safe & sound. He is the first alumni who have contributed Hand Sanitizer (5000 pieces), N-95masks (3000 pieces), 3 ply masks (15000 pieces), Hand Gloves (2000 pieces), and Multivitamins along with Vitamin C tablets to the police personal, medical team, local volunteers, government officials, Nagar Nigam team, etc. And he is still trying to reach out even other professionals who are working to tackle this difficult situation.

Then we have Mr. Nasir Jamal our proud alumni and a social entrepreneur with his philanthropic initiative ‘Journey of Change’ is next on this list, who has become a savior for an enormous crowd of people in his village.

Following the chain, Mr. Swarn Veer Singh Jaral and his team are also working day and night to help people amidst this lockdown in Jammu. The team is distributing ration to feed the needy people.

LPU Alumni

Next in the list LPU Alumni Association feels honored and appreciates the work of Mr. Abhay Goel, Mr. Avinash & Mr. Ganesh who are working to meet the daily food requirements and other needs of the people in their nearby localities and villages. Mr. Abhay is feeding people in the slums near his colony right from the time when lockdown has begun, and on the other hand, Mr. Avinash is fulfilling the daily basic needs of the students residing in the nearby areas of LPU. Mr. Ganesh an MBA pass out and a passionate gardener, realizing his responsibility towards the society is distributing homegrown vegetables amongst the villagers of his village and helping them feed themselves and their families.

LPU Alumni

It’s not only the materialistic support or financial assistance that the people need in this state of a pandemic but also people seek moral support and a source of motivation. LPU alumni are not left behind even in this field, they are serving, entertaining, motivating, and spreading awareness among people.

Top on the list we have Mr. Ankit Arora (Political Analyst over National TV channels) contributing to the combat of this dismal COVID situation via the platform of ‘Digital Electronic Media’ and by providing Intel’s on Public Awareness Programs. Moreover, he has been distributing essentials to the Corona Warriors and Ration from home to the needy people in the vicinity of 1km keeping the lockdown guidelines.

Next, we have Ms. Manasi Gupta, who now an RJ was recently addressed and appreciated by our Honorable PM, for her marvelous job of entertaining people through the means of Radio amid such a stressful situation.

Last but not the least, Mr. Arpit Soni (TV Star) another proud alumnus of LPU is motivating the people through his inspirational video series ‘The Safety Call’ and trying to bring out the negativity that this lockdown has piled up in their brains.

It’s rightly said, being someone’s light of hope when they are hopeless, gives immense joy and pleasure. And these alumni of Lovely Professional University, knowingly or unknowingly have become the hopes of millions of hearts and we wish them all the well-being and greater success in life.