In a world where only Science students are considered “Intelligent”, you have taken a stride by choosing what interests “you” the most. Did you know that the English language has about 1.7 lac words, yet there are times when we cannot find the words to describe how we feel! Isn’t language perhaps the greatest invention of this world? Because without it, how would we convey our ideas to the world? A plethora of vibrant opportunities await you after a B.A. in English, some of which we will discuss in this article.

There are several reasons why you should go for a Masters degree after finishing your B.A. M.A in English is a comprehensive study of the English language. You acquire new skills which make you more eligible for jobs in your field. The rise in the competition calls for a Masters degree as it will give you a competitive edge. M.A in any language opens doors to several avenues. There is but one field whose sole requisite is M.A and that is teaching/Lectureship. Now we’ll discuss several career options available for those who have graduated in language.


Depending on your skills, you can choose to teach the language in colleges/schools. Additionally, with the booming BPO/KPO sector, you can also make a career in training wherein you will train call centre executives on the proper use of language while talking to the customers. In addition to MA, employers might also ask for trainers who can give accent training.


For this, you must have a good command over at least two languages. While translating includes translation of a text from one language to another, the job of an interpreter is somewhat more challenging, because their response should be instantaneous and convey the exact meaning.


To reach the position of an editor can be a long haul and require significant experience in the field of writing. For a start, you can be a writer at a blog or a website. You can also choose to be a freelancer. To establish yourself as an exceptional writer takes a lot of patience and perseverance. But it’s all worth it when you finally reach your destination.

Advertising and Marketing:

This again is a career whose demand is very likely to increase. If you’re creative and can think out of the box, then being an MA English will get you anywhere you want to in this field

The college you choose plays a vital a role in deciding your career. Choose a college that gives you a lot of opportunities to grow your personality while studying.