Ever struggled while talking to your international friend explaining what your popular food in English is called as. I did and had to use “google the genius” help to come up with the right terms. So here are few words which we use daily and have no idea what their English counterpart is. (Well at least I didn’t until I looked it up)

  1. Amla = Gooseberry

  1. Arbi = Colocasia roots

Colocasia roots

  1. Ajwain = Carom seeds


  1. Tinda  = Apple Gourd

apple gourd

  1. Methi = Fenugreek

  1. Turai = Ridge Gourd

  1. Pakora = Fritters

  1. Sabudana = Tapioca Sago

  1. Makhana = Fox Nuts

  1. Sitaphal = Custard apple