The outbreak of COVID-19 has created a lot of hustle and bustle all over the world and everyone is trying to take all the preventive measures that they can. Talking about India, even before the total lockdown all the educational institutes were closed. Where every college/university asked the students residing in the hostels to leave, LPU let its students stay within the hostels.

LPU has always kept the safety of its students the topmost priority and now at this hour too LPU is taking every necessary action to keep its students safe who are staying at the hostels and trying all the measures to help the students staying outside the campus premises with the three-time meal. Other precautions taken by the university are:

  • From the first day of the outbreak of the news, all the turnstiles in the university were reprogrammed such that only Id cards had to be punched and fingerprint recognition was not required which could be the medium for spreading the virus.
  • Anyone who came from outside the campus had to undergo thermal screening as a preventive measure and soon after the implementation of the lockdown; entry inside the campus was entirely prohibited and still remains.
  • All the security guards and even the hostel’s mess staff are provided with the face masks to wear all the time.
  • A 10 minutes session was organized in the hostel for the students residing in the hostel. The session was taken by Dr Vijay Mohan Soni from UniHospital enlightening the students regarding the spread and preventions of COVID-19.
  • Regular sanitization of all the door handles in the hostels with disinfectants is being done.
  • A permanent help desk for information regarding COVID-19 and checkup for the same has been installed in UniHospital.
  • LPU is known for all the non-academic exposure it gives its students but with all this lot going on you will think that the university will not be able to conduct such events but Lovely Professional University is one step ahead! Events are still being conducted but online. Yeah! You heard it right. Do check the announcements in UMS if you don’t believe me.
  • A pendant-like device, KAWACH has been developed by an LPU researcher for safe social distancing and frequent thermal checkups.
  • Even during the lockdown, our university has come up with the solution to one of the biggest problems i.e. won’t the studies of the students be affected? Now to answer that I’ll just say two words: ‘Online Learning’. Yes, through LPU Live web and app students are regularly being provided with the audio enabled PowerPoint presentations as per their time table. Moreover; LPU has tied-up with online study sites too, to provide students with the great lessons and content for better understanding and all that is for free for vertos! One of them is Progate, for 14 technical courses such as Python, Go, Git, Command-Line, etc.

Here is the free registration link for vertos:

Contact person for Progate related queries: Mr. Manikant Roy (

  • Last but not the least, the university is not just concerned about the well-being of the students staying in the campus but for the ones living outside too, and for them it is arranging three-times meal with one of its food vendors ‘FOOD FACTORY’. (By the way, it’s still under kind of a test run, so let’s see what happens!)

With all these, LPU has proved that it is always protective of its students and will always do anything necessary for their benefits! This is what makes LPU the best university you could ever imagine!