COVID-19 aka Coronavirus is spread all across the globe. Almost every country including India is suffering its adverse effects. We all know that the government has announced extended shutdowns across the country for the betterment of citizens but these shutdowns start affecting the business and education sector of our country.

LPU has also following the commands given by the government but it came up with an effective alternative to stop our academic loss with LPU LIVE. Teachers are available in the portal during college hours for doubt clearance. They are taking classes during their actual lecture schedule and discuss PPT’s with students. If they are devoting their time in such pandemic, then we should also do our duty and perform our best and work more apart from LPU LIVE.


Boost Your Academics In This QuarantineStart with creating a proper plan with proper time management and hourly task distribution. This is the time to complete those MOOCs you left due to time issues or any other excuses. Sign up to at least one MOOC per subject and try to complete each one of those under 3 weeks.

Projects & Certifications

Boost Your Academics In This QuarantineKeep yourself and your study area neat and organized. You have to remain in the house or hostel for 3 plus weeks so, if the surrounding is disturbed you will easily get bored, annoyed and irritated from studying. Find at least one inspiring and challenging project related to your core subject and do it. If you are a freshmen student, then try to earn at least one adequate certification.


Boost Your Academics In This QuarantineDue to the rules, you can’t go outside even for exercise and lack of fitness can disturb your mind. You must do meditation, basic stretching, yoga every day for proper blood circulation and oxygenation. Take a proper break while studying. Also, the usual anxiety for CA’s are not anymore, you are independent to prepare it by your ways and have to perform online, so relax and study favourably. Try to remake notes from PPT’s in your prescribed form.

Don’t Waste Time

Boost Your Academics In This QuarantineFriends, University has given us plenty of time to polish and build our skills. We also have got enough time for our end term preparation. So, let’s just not waste it. Try to be more productive and improve your routine. Take precautions given by the government and stop this virus from ruining from time.