We all are bored in this quarantine and somewhat a bit stressed, I know, and we all want something interesting and diverting to pass these days happily, right? Your wish has come true! We have always seen that the student organization have always tried to help us in every situation, whether it is finding the right path, academic counselling, hunting the talent, helping to come to the top and so on, while we were on the campus and now when we are not, again the student organizations are here to cheer us up and help us by all means even in this pandemic.

Similarly, CLUB TWENTY, a student organization is here with another event ‘Creative 20’, an event where we do not just get something fun to do but also where we can show our talent to everyone! Yes, it is true! The event is a mega-pack of 20 activities, organized to hunt the talent among the vertos. The event is open from 14th of April to the 20th of April and the list of activities that are included in the event is as follows:

  1. Mimicry
  2. Stand-up
  3. Poem
  4. Shayari
  5. Modern Workout
  6. Yoga
  7. Best out of waste
  8. Sketching
  9. Painting
  10. Tattoo Designing
  11. Frame & Border Designing
  12. Fashion Designing
  13. Card Making
  14. Calligraphy Writing
  15. Poster Making via Graphic Designing
  16. Cooking
  17. Modelling
  18. Dancing
  19. Vlog Making
  20. Tik-Tok Act (on COVID-19)

These are categorized under Open Mic, Fitness Freak, Fine Arts, Cooking, Dancing, Modelling, Poster Making, Vlog, Tik-Tok Act.

This is an exciting opportunity for all of us as we can show our talent to everyone. I’m saying about showing our talent to everyone because every video/photo submitted to CLUB TWENTY will be uploaded on their respective social media handles and from each category, top three students will be shortlisted and will get featured on the every social media accounts of CLUB TWENTY!

Here are the steps to register and show your talent:

Remember, top 3 contestants will be selected, and they’ll be featured on every social media handle of CLUB TWENTY. So, get ready for fun and exciting competition!

For any queries, contact: Rohit: 6205151984 or email at clubtwentylpu@gmail.com