Got tired of 9 to 5 classes and want a breather? Want some adventure in your life, even just for a day? Here’s the happy news for you! CLUB20, a student organisation in LPU in association with Rocksport Pvt Ltd, is organising an adventure camp “ROCKSPORT DAY OUT”, on 14th & 15th of March i.e. Saturday & Sunday.

Rocksport is known to be Asia’s Largest Adventure Program with a number of national and international awards such as: ‘The International Award for Young People’, ‘Best Education Adventure Program 2012’, ‘Indian Education Awards 2015’ etc and is approved by the Government of India. And this firm with CLUB20 is bringing you the opportunity to spend and enjoy an entire day at comrade base camp (behind Innovation Studio) with your friends and make your weekend fun!

I know you might be thinking that if you need a day out for fun or rest why not just go and hang out with your friends to the movies? Well, I’ll give the answer to this in two parts:

First is, even in our day to day life we are entirely surrounded by digital screens, be it your smartphones, e-readers, laptops, tablets, projector screens and now even your smart-watches! We have a lot of smart gadgets which are making us lazy and ‘un-smart’. So why not to try something new; physically and mentally more active and productive?

The second part would be all the benefits that you will be getting within the package exclusive for vertos. I want to start the list of benefits the participants will be getting by comparing with the zip-lining and zorbing that you must have seen in Youth Vibe 2020. Those were for Rs 400 per head per game but in ROCKSPORT DAY OUT you get:

  • An entire day of fun (9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)
  • 12 adventure activities including Zip-lining, Zorbing, Sports Climbing, Commando Net, Mine-Field, Burma Bridge, etc
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Evening snacks
  • Rocksport kit
  • DJ & Dance
  • Camping experience
  • Tractor ride
  • Certificate and much more.

All this for just Rs 850 and that’s only for vertos, else the package is for Rs 1050 for the outsiders. You get another discount if 4 vertos register together!

So take a day off with CLUB20 and ROCKSPORT and make your weekend fun with some adrenaline rush as it is said by Helen Keller ‘Life is either a daring adventure or nothing’.

Register at:

Helpline: 7015372587