People try to neglect me, but I stood up high,

they demoralised me but I wanted to fly.

It’s been years, I had no party dress,

Ey’ told me you ain’t invited, you are a mess.

Shame that I was, Shame that I am and Shame that I always be,

I know why it happens cause you cannot judge whether I am he or a she.

I too have a life, extravagantly dreamt,

But thinking about that fairy tail, I always get a dent.

E’ don’t think of walk,

E’ don’t think to fly,

E’ don’t think of myself even, E’ cannot die.

I need that life, all others that enjoyed,

I need to be accepted rather being destroyed.

Appreciate, it’s my life and my rule,

but it really hurts when ey’ ask me to be cool.

Lemme live or rather die,

But atleast don’t brag and nigh.

Cursed to be the third one