In today’s competitive market, boosting dealer skills is key! Giving dealers the right know-how and tools is vital for success so it is important to empower dealers with essential skills and knowledge that enhance their capabilities. In this context, Human Resource Development Center-Lovely Professional University conducted a Dealer Capability Building Workshops: ‘Utkarsh – Learn and Grow’ for Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.

The inaugural session of Utkarsh – Learn and Grow’ Dealer Capability Building Workshop commenced with a promising tone, symbolizing a collective dedication to empower innovation, and growth within the BPCL dealer community.

Inaugural Ceremony: Dealer Capability Building Workshop: UTKARSH – Learn and Grow

Mr. Deepak Trivedi, Chief Manager, Retail, BPCL, shared BPCL’s vision of being the most admired global energy company leveraging talent and technology. He appreciated Lovely Professional University for the transformative influence of previous training programs, emphasizing their instrumental role in bringing significant and tangible improvements of BPCL dealer community.

Mr. Deepak Trivedi: Dealer Capability Building Workshop: UTKARSH – Learn and Grow

Dr. Sunaina Ahuja, Prof. & Dean, and Head-Human Resource Development Center, LPU, summarized the key points discussed throughout the day. She emphasized the vital role of collaboration in advancing the dealer ecosystem. The ambiance grew more when Mr. Sarabjit Singh Kwatra, Deputy Dean, Human Resource Development Center, LPU, ignited the spirit of enlightenment and progress among the participants.

Dr. Sunaina Ahuja: Dealer Capability Building Workshop: UTKARSH – Learn and Grow

Dr. Rajesh Verma, Professor and Senior Dean, with Dr. Rohit Vij, Assistant Professor, started the session with a vibrant experiential learning module centered on Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management. They highlighted the significance of adaptability, innovation, and proactive management in steering businesses toward sustained success in an ever-evolving landscape.

Dr. Rajesh Verma: Entrepreneurship  and Strategic  Management

Mr. Rohit Vij: Entrepreneurship  and Strategic  Management

Continuing the journey with the ethos of ‘Service is Sarvasva’, the second session commenced with an exploration into Customer Relationship Management, spearheaded by esteemed resource panel Mr. Sarabjit Singh Kwatra, Deputy Dean, HRDC and Dr. Rahul Sharma, Professor, MSOB, LPU. The session was a powerhouse of insights, focusing on key aspects crucial for customer-centric success.

Dr. Rahul Sharma: Customer Relationship Management

Mr. Sarabjit Singh Kwatra: Customer Relationship Management

The first day culminated with the conduct of management games by team of Centre of Professional Enhancement represented by Mr.Guneet Paul, Deputy Dean,LPU and Mr. Divay, Assistant Professor, LPU. They organized fun management games that mixed entertainment with learning. These games were more than just fun—they helped participants learn important concept and develop strategic thinking skills.

Mr. Guneet Paul and Mr. Divay: Management Games

As part of the program, participants embarked on a memorable “Tour-de-Campus” to discover the intricacies of the LPU campus. This meticulously organized tour aimed to familiarize participants with the cutting-edge infrastructure and facilities that epitomize LPU’s commitment to excellence in in academics, research, innovation, and sports.

Exploring Excellence: A Journey through the LPU Campus

The first session of the second day focussed on Human Resources and Behavioural Skills. Dr. Sunaina Ahuja, Professor and Dean, Head HRDC, LPU, Dr. Savita Gupta, Professor and Head-Deptt. of Faculty Development, HRDC, LPU, and Dr. Tanya Nagpal, Assistant Professor, LPU created a dynamic learning environment through engaging case studies, role plays, and interactive activities. Participants honed their understanding and skills in various aspects, including the service value chain, customer satisfaction models, succession planning, and performance enhancement strategies.

Dr. Sunaina Ahuja: Human  Resources and  Behavioural Skills

Dr. Savita Gupta: Human  Resources and  Behavioural Skills

Dr. Tanya Nagpal: Human  Resources and  Behavioural Skills

The second module of the second day titled, ‘Sales Promotion’ was conducted by, Mr. Ajay Kumar, Assistant Professor, HRDC and Mr. Rajeev Gupta, Assistant Professor, LPU. They discussed advanced sales strategies, highlighting the importance of mobile ordering and fuel delivery apps, as well as subscription-based fuel services. They explained how using technology and digital payment methods like UFILL, SBI BPCL card, and Hello BPCL can boost sales.

Mr.Ajay Sharma: Sales Promotion

Mr. Rajeev Gupta: Sales Promotion

Next session was conducted with an immersive and interactive approach, inviting participants to deeply engage with the Action Learning Project – Part 1, under the expert guidance of Dr. Mridula Mishra, Dr. Sunaina Ahuja, and Mr. Sarabjit Singh Kwatra. This segment served as a cornerstone in the program’s framework, designed to instigate meaningful change and foster collaborative engagement among participants.

Dr. Mridula Mishra: Action Learning Project

Equipped with a comprehensive template meticulously crafted by program facilitators, participants embarked on a journey of self-discovery and organizational improvement. The template facilitated the identification of six core areas for enhancement, providing a structured approach to address prevalent challenges within their respective domains.

Dr. Sunaina Ahuja, Dr. Mridula Mishra and Mr. Sarabjit Singh Kwatra: Action Learning Project

In essence, the Action Learning Project – Part 1 served as a catalyst for organizational transformation, fostering a culture of continuous learning, innovation, and collaboration. As participants embarked on this transformative journey, they laid the groundwork for future success, trained with actionable insights and a shared commitment to excellence.

The evening culminated in an enriching and delightful experience as participants gathered for dinner at Rangla Punjab, a renowned establishment known for its authentic local cuisine and vibrant ambiance. Against the backdrop of traditional decor and warm hospitality, participants were treated to a culinary journey that celebrated the rich cultural tapestry of Punjab.

Cultural Fusion and Professional Networking: An Evening at Rangla Punjab

On day 3 Dr. Babli Dhiman, Professor, Mittal School of Business, LPU conducted very informative session on Commercial Acumen, leaving an indelible mark on participants’ understanding of financial management. Through her expertise and insightful delivery, Dr. Dhiman highlighted maintaining a healthy financial status effectively within organizations, emphasizing key activities essential for financial health.

In essence, Dr. Babli Dhiman’s session on commercial acumen transcended the realms of theoretical discourse, equipping participants with practical tools and strategies to navigate the complex landscape of financial management effectively.

Dr. Babli Dhiman: Commercial Acumen

The afternoon commenced with Action Learning Project – Part 2, where participants presented their action plans for improvement, guided by Dr. Mridula Mishra, Dr. Sunaina Ahuja, and Mr. Sarabjit Singh Kwatra. Through collaborative efforts, they identified core areas for enhancement and devised actionable strategies, aligning theory with practical application. They presented meticulously crafted action plans aimed at driving tangible improvements within their respective retail outlets. Through rigorous analysis and dialogue, they unearthed opportunities for growth, ensuring that their action plans were firmly rooted in the realities of their organizational contexts.

Action Plan Presentation by participants

The program culminated in a momentous valedictory session, graced by the esteemed presence of Mr. Vaibhav Mittal, Vice President, Department of Procurement, LPU His heartfelt acknowledgment of the collaborative efforts between BPCL and LPU added a profound significance to the partnership, he highlighted the significance of continuous improvement through self-critique and frugal innovation, for quality excellence in customer service.

Mr. Vaibhav Mittal: Dealer Capability Building Workshop: UTKARSH – Learn and Grow

To mark the successful conclusion of the program, Dr Manish Gupta, Dr. Sunaina Ahuja, and team HRDC took centre stage to honour both participants and resource persons with certificates. This symbolic gesture celebrated the participants’ dedication and recognized the invaluable contributions of the experts who enriched the program with their knowledge and insights.

Felicitation of Participants

Felicitation Resource Person

Dealer Capability Building Workshop UTKARSH – Learn and Grow: April 08-10, 2024

The feedback received regarding the program’s effectiveness resounded with positive sentiments from the participants, affirming its impact on their professional development. They unanimously agreed that the program was not just informative but also incredibly well-organized. It was like a roadmap guiding them through a journey of learning and growth, meticulously planned to ensure they got the most out of it. Participants were deeply appreciative of how the SMEs skilfully addressed their queries, making them feel valued and heard It was more than just a learning session, it was a vibrant BPCL community coming together to learn and grow.   Participants noted that the program provided fresh perspectives on relevant topics, significantly enriching their skill sets and equipping them for enhanced performance at their retail outlets.