Stressed? Feeling vulnerable and exhausted, or are you just worried about something and that’s making you way too anxious?

Well, every one of us is struggling somehow, somewhere. It’s just each one of us is dealing at different levels of it, but we are sharing the same air to breathe and are alive in this common planet which alone fills up your loneliness.

You are not alone; it is just that you are struggling. Accept that and you would just have the first dose for your better health. Mental sickness is a real thing that exists.

To take the very first steps and check up on your mental health, here are some of the basic steps you can try upon:

  • Talk: make conversations

How To Care For Your Mental Health

You freaking out because you just scored less in your mid-terms or rather it be a friend who has started ignoring you recently. Be it anything, just let it out. Find a person to talk to; whether it is a friend of yours or one from the family. There is always a person to talk to.

Let your feelings out. Talk about everything that’s making you feel the way you are feeling. Don’t be scared of getting judged, just let your emotions flow through.

Being in the university here, you can also look upon the professionals sitting at Counseling and Happiness Cell. All you need is to book an appointment and there you are at the very first step of making it all good.

  • Take good care of your health

How To Care For Your Mental Health

Can’t sleep well or sleeping way too much? There’s nothing you can’t get control of, you don’t need to break mountains to get through the way, small efforts would do the work. Your body and your health are the real treasure. A healthy mind goes with a healthy body.

Start your day by early running or exercise in the fresh air. Feeling cold? Yes, that’s where we stop. Finding an excuse for everything is stuff we are so used to. Okay, stay back, play that offbeat song which makes your nerves dance and start it off.

Can’t get out of your bed? Choose meditation instead.

  • A healthy diet for a better tomorrow

How To Care For Your Mental Health

It’s high-time! We are in 2020 and you are still running around with a watery mouth, freaking about everything that looks delicious. It’s a pretty big deal to decide every day what to eat. Plenty of options out there yet sticking to the oily junk like every day. It’s enough, you don’t need that junk anymore.

Gymming won’t work alone to balance the pizzas you ate last night. A better body is the one that’s healthy from inside. Learn about your intakes and work upon yourself. Choose a diet plan or get it built up by a professional.

  • Do something that keeps you sane

How To Care For Your Mental Health

Look upon yourself. Open up the half-read book that you left and complete it. Take a pen and paper and scribble all through it. Start cooking for yourself or learn an instrument instead. Do whatever that makes you feel good and keeps you happy as a whole.

Try new things. Don’t stay back in your bed scrolling through social media, get up and hit it outside. Play some games that bring your physical body in motion, or just run around the ground. Meet new people, socialize off the social world.

Start journaling, remember how you used to talk about your whole day at the school to your mother back in childhood. Start writing again, write your thoughts, write whatever you feel like, make to-do lists, give everything a start that you have left in pending for so long. Its now, or never

  • Ask for what you need

How To Care For Your Mental Health

Don’t panic. Finishing a race as the last participant is still worthier than just backing off without even giving it a shot. Look for what you need because you are the one who knows how badly you want it. Ask for help. Get yourself a therapy, in the way you need it, cause that’s how the cleansing would work even.

Some people are making big at small ages while in the same world there are poor adults who are stressed for a meal every single day. It’s not like it’s not even for everyone, But it’s the efforts, dedication, and honesty that makes the difference. Don’t ever feel any less about yourself, You are what You are.

Live and Love yourself.